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Containment E3 Recap

We get more insight into life inside the Cordon this week as well as the problems caused when journalist go for the truth without thinking of the consequences.

Containment; The CW

Be Angry At The Sun

You Had One Job

At the hospital, while Jake is burning bodies for Cannerts to keep the infection from spreading or worse, Katie continues her three episode long screw up streak. With most of the children having survived the 48 hour quarantine and allowed to go home Katie is left with the few whose parents were either on the wrong side of the cordon or are working to maintain it. So, of course, she manages to misplace one of them, leading to him being exposed when he runs right into an infected. It’s this kind of nonsense that makes me want to punch Katie in the face, honestly. The actress is doing the best she can with the material she’s given but Katie doesn’t have a lick of common sense or situational awareness so no matter how much the writers try to make her sympathetic with the struggling single mother schtick it doesn’t matter because she’s dumb.

I Hate My Life

Another consequence of Katie’s stupidity is Cannerts, who is working his ass off trying to find a cure with little to no outside resources, getting a gun shoved in his face. This tops off a day of mass body burning, more exploding bodies and losing the internet which limits his resources. Cannerts somehow maintains his very british politeness throughout all of this and it makes me adore him even more.

Sabine Ain’t Nothing to Eff With

The reason Cannerts loses internet is Leo Greene who manages to make a bad situation worse when he informs the world that there’s a way out of the cordon. This is after Lex goes to him and tells him to do his job but think about the consequences of what he’s reporting. That goes in on ear and out the other and ends with at least one person shot to death and Sabine shutting down everything.

When Sabine said no one in and no one out she meant it and she’s damn well going to be obeyed or it’s going to get real.

On a show like this if the suspense of waiting for the other shoe to drop isn’t handled well it can become very slow and meandering. Thankfully this episode balances the getting to know you aspects well with the tension of the quarantine and its psychological effects on the people inside and out.

Lab Report

  • I’m going to need Suzy to not be a simple twit soon though.
  • I have a suspicion about who Leo’s contact with the CDC is.
  • Jana levels up in awesome this episode and I like it.
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