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Review – Hunters, S1E4 “Love and Violence”

The Syfy original series Hunters is officially in full stride as we open up episode 4 with our ETU team dealing with the aftermath of the Colombian incursion, including the close encounter with a non-human form Hunter. There are questions at several levels of the organization as to how the, apparently wounded Hunter, was able to get away from Agent Regan, who was in pursuit. Looks like those “mole-on-the-team” seeds are starting to sprout a few leaves, but we gotta table that issue because we’ve got a lead on McCarthy, who is very much on the prowl. To his credit (I think), despite some truly awful karaoke, McCarthy manages to get two pretty ladies into the back of his van, which is parked in an alley. At night.

Quick PSA, boys and girls: generally speaking, a van + an alley = NOPE. Beyond that, a van + an alley x nighttime = NOPE with a side of You Must Be Crazy. Just a helpful tip. Back to the recap.

We get a look at Flynn and Emme bonding, or attempting to, anyway. New intel puts Flynn and Regan on McCarthy’s trail, and the pair get their guy, and his girl, and quite a little surprise. Back at ETU headquarters, we’ve got interrogations, questionable tactics, and major medical emergencies the likes of which no one has ever seen before. By the time it’s all over, McCarthy smashes his own record for villainy, and we’re left with quite a few pieces to pick up. Not to mention what Flynn finds in the freezer.

Overall, the pilot has been put in more and more perspective with each successive episode, and that track continues with this one. I have to take back half a star for Flynn’s interrogation, followed by Jackson’s attempts to crack McCarthy. Based on what we know about Hunters, it seemed misguided and gratuitous. I give it 3 out of 5 stars, and expect things to pick up next week.

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