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Gotham S2:E19 Recap

All the threads are coming together..


Curious Ed

Ed, who’s been working his incarceration like a boss, gets interested when he notices that patients are disappearing down one particular hallway at Arkham. After a little investigating and some pilfered items from the asylum, he discovers the secret wing where Hugo does his experiments. I’ve a feeling this is going to end poorly for him as he’s already garnered Hugo and Peabody’s attention in an attempt to make himself valuable to them.  

A Game Of Chess

The reason Ed thinks he can be valuable? He sees Jim leaving a meeting with Hugo. Jim had come to confirm Hugo’s involvement in the Wayne murders as well as the experiments at Pinewood. It’s a fantastically quiet and tense scene as Hugo, ever arrogant, starts deploying his training on Jim, profiling him succinctly and devastatingly. Jim uses his own training (and some major bluffing) to deduce that not only is Hugo lying about not being involved in the Wayne murders but is definitely the one behind Victor’s reappearance and Karen’s death.

The Rise Of Azrael

Unfortunately for Jim, and fatally for almost everyone else, Hugo has the recently reanimated Theo in his back pocket. Hugo realizes that Theo is not, in fact, randomly scribbling things on the walls and shouting but is quoting from the Book of St. Dumas. Hugo uses that information to install the personality of Azrael into Theo then sets him on Jim. It doesn’t work, but not from lack of trying on Azrael’s part, and sort of backfires when at one point Azrael loses his mask and everyone sees that it’s Theo Galavan under the armor.

On the one hand this unequivocally clears Jim of Theo’s death. On the other hand it sets off a shockwave of crazy throughout the major players. Penguin (who’s been living with the bodies of his dead family members) now has a focus while Tabitha is horrified at the implications of Theo being alive on every level.

This episode lays the groundwork for the finale pretty well, especially now that Barnes actually believes what Jim, Bruce and Harvey have been trying to tell him regarding Arkham. However it also shows just how much the Waynes and Falcone kept the balance of Gotham and with both of them gone, and no sane and rational players on both ends of the spectrum to take over, Gotham has turned into a breeding ground for lunatics and killers. The GCPD is simply not equipped to deal with what’s coming or even what’s already here and Jim is only one man.

It’s a good thing Jim’s got a surrogate son with unlimited resources who’s been inadvertently inspired by Azrael.

  • When will the GCPD figure out how armor works and stop wasting bullets?
  • Barbara’s freaking out Butch, if she’s too much for him to handle I can’t imagine how he’ll react to Fish’s return.
  • Hugo’s installing more personas in his patients since it worked so well with Theo. Yay.
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