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Gotham S2:E17 Recap

Jim and Oswald come roaring back in a big way…

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Into The Woods

Here We Go

Barbara’s in therapy at Arkham, claiming she’s sad about the things she’s done, Peabody doesn’t buy it but Hugo isn’t so sure. Either way Hugo’s intrigued by her and can’t wait to see what she does, which is why he releases her into the wild. I think we can all guess where she’s headed….

A Cinderella Story

After Elijah’s funeral Grace proceeds to relegate Oswald to servant status, in an effort to keep him close as he’s the actual heir to the Van Dahl fortune even if Elijah didn’t get a chance to change the will, and of course she and the twins treat him like shite. This would probably go on for a while before Oswald cracked except he finds the bottle of poisoned alcohol that killed Elijah and was meant for him. Oswald promptly goes full Titus Andronicus on the twins, which Grace finds out the hard way at dinner, right before Oswald kills the ever loving shite out of her.

Penguin is back, baby!

Oh Ed, You In Danger Boy

Now that Jim’s escaped the hunt has begun with a $10,000 bounty being put on Jim’s head by the GCPD. Ed, secure in the knowledge that Jim won’t figure out it’s him, smugs his way through the episode trying to find out what Harvey knows. Unfortunately for Ed, Jim knows that IA records every call that comes into the GCPD and is able to get his hands on the tape. This leads to Jim confronting Ed and getting electrocuted and shot for his efforts. However, Jim gets away before Ed can kill and bury him with Kristen, heading to Selina to lay low. The kids get Jim to Alfred who patches Jim up and at Wayne Manor the four of them hatch a plan to take Ed down: have Selina go claim the reward for Jim and make sure Ed hears it.

Ed panics because he thinks Penguin has told Jim about Kristen and leads Jim (and half of the GCPD, including Barnes and Harvey) to Kristen’s body. When everything’s said and done Barnes apologizes to Jim and wants to know when he’s coming back to work. Jim isn’t. He’s going to investigate who hired Matches to kill the Waynes. Seems Alfred’s guilting Jim, while fixing him up, about being absent in Bruce’s life got to him.

The Kids Are Alright?

Alfred also gets to Bruce, convincing him that Bruce is putting Selina’s life in danger by bringing her into the investigation of the Wayne murders. Bruce tells Selina he won’t be coming back with her, which Selina assumes is because Bruce thinks she’s street trash, leaving in a huff of angst and anger.

Oh Hi!

Jim finally gets up the nerve to call Lee when that Barbara shaped missile comes knocking at his door. Jim’s like, ‘Seriously? Are you effing kidding me right now?’

  • I wonder how long it’s going to take for Hugo to realize that most of his pet crazies are fixated on Jim.
  • I’m thinking Tabitha and Butch had best watch their backs…
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