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Ticket To Ride! Chug around the World!

Ticket to Ride is a new age board game that is appropriate for people young and old. The game was created by Days of Wonder, which has made its mark not only with Ticket To Ride but also with games such as Five Tribes and Smallworld. Ticket To Ride encompasses maps from all around the world ranging from the Nordic countries to Asia and back around to the United States of America. The goal of the game is to finish routes from point A to point B, which allow you to accumulate points as you complete your routes. More difficult routes to complete will give you more points, in comparison to smaller easier routes. In the Europe edition of the game you are allowed to have 3 train stations that you can build across the map, which allows you to claim one route that maybe your opponent has already created to use to potentially complete one of your routes. One comes to find out that the more people they play, the more fun the game is. There is nothing more glorious than seeing your opponent slack jawed after you claim a set of tracks they needed to complete an important route.

The game was created for ages 8 and above and can take anywhere from 30-60 minutes. Although, in all honesty, my family plays this game and it can take HOURS depending on how long it takes for players to make a decision on how to complete their respective routes. The game plays 2-5 players, which is a bonus as most of the time it is impossible to find an interactive board game such as as this that allows more than two players. Ticket To Ride won Game of the Year 2004 in both Japan and Germany, and was chosen for the Parents Choice Foundation of 2004 Silver Honor. One of the main reasons Ticket To Ride has the support that it does is because it is also educational. You are learning the location and names of cities around the world, and usually in the language where the map is taking place.

The rules are easy to follow, and are presented in a clear and concise manner. Being able to cut off your opponents from completing their routes and learning things about a new country is exciting, and can easily turn your friends to your worst enemy for the weekend. I highly recommend to start with either the United States or Europe map before indulging yourself into all the other expansions. Can’t afford the $36.00 board game? That’s okay! You are capable of playing the game online through the Days of Wonder webpage. If you are looking for a refreshing new game for the whole family, that isn’t Monopoly or LIFE, please consider Ticket To Ride for an option.

If you also want the digital experience, you can get it via Steam,  iPad and Android.


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