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Review – Hunters, S1E2 “Messages”

We’re back for episode 2 of Hunters on Syfy. Last time, ex-FBI agent Flynn Carroll‘s wife, Abby, was kidnapped by terrorists of unknown origin. Flynn is brought into the Exo Terrorism Unit (ETU) to help track down and eliminate the threat. There are a lot of subplots (like, a LOT), but that’s about the gist of it. Oh, and there are bunnies.

This week, McCarthy, a seemingly significant Hunter, wants the confiscated remains of one of his comrades. Also, faster than you can say “trust issues,” Flynn learns that Regan is actually a Hunter who’s loyal to the ETU; I’ll give you two guesses on how that goes over. McCarthy puts teeth into his threats, then puts something into teeth at the end of the episode in a moment that just might be this show’s saving grace.

Episode 1 was scattered, throwing out several half-explained plot points. It was a show begging to be considered intriguing or mysterious, and the stench of desperation has yet to abate, even after a week. Thankfully, episode 2 builds on a few of the bricks previously tossed at us: Flynn’s discomfort around Regan exposes a truth about Abby; Emme is able to contribute to the investigation, but it doesn’t necessarily bring her and Flynn closer together; Regan finds that she sees things differently than she ordinarily does at times; and we actually get a reason for all the bunnies in cages.

Also, it turns out that there really is a mole inside the ETU, but I still don’t buy it. I mentioned this before: the discord among the team, and the “there’s a Hunter on the inside” angles just do not hit for me. The team has never been shown as a stable and fully-functional unit, so the idea that there’s an infiltrator is meaningless. At best, it’s bad because it gives the Hunters a leg up, but that’s about it.

There are a few bits from the pilot that we didn’t get buttoned up here, but this episode’s follow-up gives me hope that we’ll see those loose ends tied up at some point in the future. Speaking of the future, snippets from later in the season also provide me with a little more confidence that the story will stretch out far enough to cover all the points that it’s laid out so far. I’m still holding on to this one. I think Hunters is settling into its stride, and will soon be able to actually juggle all of the metaphorical balls it has in the air right now.

Here’s looking ahead to episode 3.

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