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The Mindy Project S4:E16 Recap

Sisters be doing it for themselves this episode.

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So You Think You Can Finance

Whitney‘s back as she’s started a hedge fund of her own above Schulman and Associates. She’s amazingly awesome, as usual, and also? Sober. Which leads to her glomming on to Mindy, who goes to her for advice on how to fix her terrible finances. The good news? Mindy’s actually in pretty good shape financially, however Whitney’s still an addict, replacing drugs with friendship. The ladies eventually real talk each other into being functional adults and it’s fantastic and I really want to see more of it going forward because I miss the female friendships on this show. 

Jeremy has managed to get himself a girlfriend who’s actually pretty damn cool, if older than him, which scandalizes Jody to no end. Mostly because it forces Jody to acknowledge what he wants and realize that he’s got a thing for Mindy. Jody finally asks Mindy out, albeit in the most old-fashioned, round about,  hot mess of a way via letter. He then chickens out but it’s too late, the letter is in the wind and now it’s a time bomb waiting to go off.

I’m sure it’ll show up right around when Danny decides to re-enter Mindy’s life.

Lab Report

Seriously, I miss Gwen, so having Whitney around really fills a void this show has had for a while now. 

Your life is like a story they use to scare young catholic girls from going to a dance – Jody

Oh please, Helen Mirren be EVERYWHERE – Tamra


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