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The Mindy Project – S4:E15

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After last week Mindy starts venturing out into the dating world again and has a lunch date with Bryant. It starts off poorly as Bryant is paying more attention to Sport Center than her but by the end of it Mindy knows way more about sports than she ever thought she would and Bryant is asking her out on a second date.

This is a Danny free episode and it shows, the cloud of doom that hangs over Danny and Mindy is gone and while I know it won’t last it’s nice to not have the constant drama that is their relationship on display. It also allows room for the seeds of my prediction from last episode, that Mindy and Jody are becoming…something, to really take root.

Jody spends the episode in a tizzy as he deals (terribly) with the fact that baby sister Colette may no longer need, or more importantly want, his protection. He’s both adorably flustered and genuinely sad as he realizes that his sister is officially a grown up…and in some ways he really, really isn’t.

As always Morgan and Tamra provide the bulk of the background comedy as they help Colette and Mindy, respectively, deal with their new statuses of independent woman and single mom who dates. They are the show’s not so secret weapons and the writers deploy them with skill.

Status Chart

This episode was filled with great quotes, the bulk of which were provided by Jody:

  • You dress like the Hamburglar, you eat like the Hamburglar…
  • I’m not lonely! I have a stuffed owl named Murgatroyd to keep me company!
  • It’s too soon to go on a third date! He’ll see how you eat shrimp! ::grabby shovel hands::

I’m sure Danny will be back soon, Chris Messina should’ve been halfway through filming Geezer by this point so the drama will be back in force. Frankly it’ll be interesting to see how both characters handle being parents and dating.


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