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The Mindy Project – S4:E14 Recap

Time to put up or shut up…

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Will They Or Won’t They

We pick up where the mid-season finale left off: Mindy and Danny‘s wedding has been postponed and they’re in therapy; however, Mindy’s practice is going gangbusters.

The theme of this episode is moving on and breaking bad habits. Whether it’s Mindy realizing that she and Danny broke up for a reason, therefore spending too much time with Danny makes it easy for her to fall back in bed with him or Jody realizing he’s a grown man and needs to start behaving like it, so no more sleeping with college students; everyone, with one glaring exception, realizes that it’s time to break their patterns and be better.

The exception being, of course, Danny.  We see early on that Danny just stops coming to couple’s therapy, something he did with his ex-wife Christina, and that, coupled with Danny leaving the practice, is a quiet signifier that Danny isn’t ready to move on, or admit his part in why he and Mindy didn’t work out. At one point he flat out states he wants things to go back to the way they were and it’s this lack of awareness, this stagnant mindset that eventually leads to Mindy’s decision at the end of the episode to limit her contact with Danny to just Leo related issues. It’s a big step and one that will hopefully push Danny, who looks like hot shite throughout the episode, to really take a look at himself.

This was a great table setting episode for the back end of the season with excellent comic relief in form of Morgan and Tamra who deal with ‘leashing’ and getting older in their own unique ways.

  • So. Jody and Mindy. Is it just me or is that a thing that’s happening?
  • Wow, Chris Messina looks terrible this episode. I wonder if they padded him or if it’s just the terrible posture and beard.
  • Chloe is horrible. I love her.
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