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Spring Anime 2016: Best of Week 3

Hello PCU Aniverse!!! Welcome to the third and final installment of our Best of Spring Anime weekly picks. This has been one amazing season so far, if you haven’t seen the picks from Week 1 or Week 2 you can view them here:

Week 1

Week 2

Once again the anime chosen are airing for the first time, meaning  so no returning series or OVA’s. So for the last time let’s get started!



Big Order

Ten years ago, the world drastically changed due to the wish of a young Eiji Hoshimiya. Whatever the wish, he made caused the deaths of over thousands of citizens and the obliteration of half a city. This event is now remembered as “The Great Disaster”, since then people with supernatural abilities have been appearing, they are given the code name “Orders”. Eiji is still considered the most powerful Order of them all, yet hasn’t accessed his powers nor remember the events of 10 years ago. So Eiji dedicates his life to taking care of his sickly sister, all while trying to live under the radar. Unfortunately for Eiji, many people want vengeance for “The Great Disaster” and are moving against him. Will this be the end of his quiet life or will this be the beginning of his true destiny?

Made by the creators of the series Mirai Nikki (Future Diary), so expect the same type of characters; cute yet psychotic. Being a fan of the manga, I was really looking forward to the airing of this series, thankfully it doesn’t disappoint.  It has a great pace from beginning to end and makes you excited for more. Definitely check it out. You can stream this series on


Big Order was the last of the new anime’s to premiere, so I would like to present two series I believe are note worthy.  Unfortunately these series are not available to stream on any site yet. Here we are Spring Anime 2016’s Honorable Mentions:




Yukina Shirahine is a free spirited girl with one goal on her mind: to travel through space. Yet she is always compared to her mother who is a researcher for the U.N. and driven. Things change for Yukina when she visits her mother’s reasearch facility during a crisis. Mechas have begun attacking the city, and infiltrated the facility.  Just when Yukina’s fate looks to be sealed, she is saved by a naked, sword welding samurai. This truly bizarre meeting will change the fates of Yukina and everyone around her.

This is another Mecha anime by the masters at Pony Canyon, made to celebrate their 15th anniversary. The series looks gorgeous, but the characters fall a bit flat in the first episode. I am intrigued to see where this series goes since a samurai and a teenage girl are the protagonist, and this is a mecha anime. If you want to check it out you’ll have to wait; Netflix has the rights to this one.




Set 8 years after Macross Frontier,  Hayate is a shipyard worker and mecha driver with an amazing sense of rhythm.  He finds a stowaway named Freya, who wants to become part of the Idol group Walkure in a time when an impending war with the Country of the Wind on the rise as well as the Var sickness causing madness in citizens. The meeting of this dockyard mecha pilot and an wannabe Idol will once again change the course of history.

There are a lot of plots to this series, which causes the first episode to be a bit disjointed. Yet the animation was enjoyable, and the episode leaves on a cliff hanger making the viewer crave more. It’s a truly enjoyable series to watch.

Well that’s it for my three week coverage. Do you agree with the picks made or do you have your own favorites from this season? Let us know in the comments below, and as always for more anime and manga news stay with PCU.


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