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Spring Anime 2016: Best of Week 2

Hello Again PCU Anime Fanatics!!!! Welcome to our ‘Best of Spring Anime’ in it’s second week. In case you missed the first week’s picks, you can click here to read it.

Once again we anime fans here at PCU have watched all the latest anime that’s premiering, and we chose the very best to present to you; our fans. Again this list doesn’t include returning series or OVA’s, just brand new never before seen series. So let’s once again get started!!!



Kiznaiver image

Katsuhira Agata is always getting bullied, but it doesn’t faze him because Agata doesn’t feel pain…or any emotion for that matter. All this changes when Agata runs into a mysterious classmate named Noriko Sonozaki. She informs Agata that he can get his feelings back by using something called the Kizuna System. He will be bound to to five other classmates by pain, meaning that if one of them bleeds, they all do.  Will this really help Agata get his feelings back?

Kiznaiver is an original anime and one of the most hyped of the season. It’s really an interesting story as we see these six strangers become bonded together by a sensation as primal as pain. It’s very compelling, and after the first episode you will be begging for more. You can stream this series on



Flying Witch promo

We talked about Flying Witch in a previous article here on PCU, but it bears repeating, as this is such a good series.  Makoto is just your average girl. She is a bit clumsy and a little bit directionally challenged, but all that is part of her charm. Oh, did I mention she’s a witch-in-training?  Makoto leaves her home in Yokohama to stay with her cousins in order to finish her training to become a full fledged witch.

This is a very cute “slice of life” anime with a hint of magic sprinkled in. It’s a very fun and pure series (as it has no action), with Makoto just being herself, and a small town trying to accept her.  It makes for a delightful series. This one can also be streamed on



Kabeneri of the Iron Fortress

The island nation of Hinomoto has been over run by these iron-hearted zombie creatures called Kabane. In order to flee from the Kabane, humanity has built walled off stations, through which people and resources are moved in armored trains.  Ikoma, one of the train maintenance workers, has been trying to create a weapon strong enough to defeat the Kabane. Tired of the fear growing in his fellow man, Ikoma wants to prove that he is more than capable to fight the Kabane.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is for that Attack on Titan crowd patiently waiting for the Second Season to air. This show has it all: political tension, horror, and action. It’s a serious treat for fans, and I expect it will have a lot of people cosplaying. The one drawback of this series you have to be a member of Amazon Prime to view it.




Mysterious, handsome, intelligent and exceptionally cool is the only way describe Sakamoto. Seemingly able to do anything, he is the envy of all the guys and adored by all the ladies. Watch his daily school life and how he accomplishes even the most mundane task with style, grace, and just that extra pinch of cool.

This has to be my most favorite anime of the set! The series doesn’t take itself seriously, which makes it all that more fun to watch. I think Sakamoto is my spirit animal. This is another one that you can stream on


So these are my picks for week 2, let me know what your favorite in the comments below. Don’t forget to stay with Pop Culture Uncovered for more Anime and Manga news!

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