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Live-Action Pokémon Movies May Be Coming!

From trading cards, to video games, to anime, manga, and even lingerie (I’m not even going to ask), the ever-present Pokémon franchise has made its way into all manner of pop culture.  All except one: live-action movies.  Sure, there have been several animated movies based on the wildly-popular children’s franchise, but never anything using live actors on screen.  However, recent revelations from the world of Hollywood may soon change that.

On the afternoon of 04/14/2016, the Hollywood Reporter broke the story that multiple studios have entered into a “top-secret auction” to purchase the rights to actually produce a live-action movie of the Pokémon franchise.


Legendary Entertainment (the Chinese-owned company that is producing the upcoming Warcraft movie), Warner Bros., and Sony have all been vying for the property.  As the auction nears completion, reports are coming out that Warner Bros. is being “nudged out” by Legendary, even though Warner Bros worked together with the Nintendo Company (who owns the rights to the Pokémon franchise) several times to produce their animated features.

Given the secrecy around the auction, no comments have been available from any of the parties participating in the auction.  However, we here at Pop Culture Uncovered are keeping a close eye on these reports, and will do our best to keep you updated.

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  1. “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”.
    Pokémon is one of, if not the most beloved IP of our generation. If this turns out horrible (which live-action adaptions tend to be), then they’re going to have the wrath of every 5-30 year old on their hands.
    Some things are better left untouched, and Pokémon is one of them.

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