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Hunter x Hunter Ch. 350 “The Princes” Review

Writer/Artist: Yoshihiro Togashi

Hunter x Hunter fans rejoice, the new chapter is finally here. It seems like it’s been ages since the last issue, and well, it kind of has been. I love Hunter x Hunter, as I was a fan of the 2011 anime before jumping into the manga. Then, I learned about the manga being on hiatus, and that reminded me of Berserk doing the same thing. I’m just happy that a new chapter is out now.

It’s still early into the “Dark Continent Expedition Arc” (which introduced us to a new area), where many explorers met their end and only a few survivors returned. Now, six princes are looking for bodyguards on their expedition, and Kurapika has assembled a team to help him in this endeavor.

This chapter was full of exposition. It was a bit of a chore going through it, as I had to stop a couple of times then come back to it later. There isn’t any action in the chapter, but it lets you know why Kurapika gathered these people together. In order to shake hands with prince Tserriednich, he and his allies need to become bodyguards to one of the six princes. This all seems pretty simple, but it leads to more than just shaking hands. The story wasn’t bad, as it gives us some insight into one of the princes, what’s going to happen on the voyage, his employer, and the mindset of Kurapika going into this. The dialog is strong, and shows how great a character like Kurapika is. He’s tactical and astute in his approaches to decisions. There is also some humor in this chapter, with Kurapika bumping heads with Biscuit. With some advice, however, he manages to win her over. Just reading that was funny and gave me a good laugh.

The art is good, and has improved a lot since the last chapter of the manga. The line work looks better, and characters have a more serious look to them. The background art looks great and stands out. It looks like the characters were placed in the scenes after the backgrounds were done, but I don’t know about that.

Overall, Hunter x Hunter: Chapter 150 was an enjoyable read. The dialog was great in establishing what is going on at this point of the story, and the art just looks so much better. The only thing I didn’t like with the chapter was the exposition. I get that Togashi wanted to give us a lot of information on Kurapika’s mission, but it was a lot to take in since the last chapter was so long ago. I wonder if Hunter x Hunter is coming out on a monthly schedule for now, but time will tell.

4 Kurapika’s out of 5

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  1. somehow… kurapika is more cute than before .. especially his eyes… cant wait for his action…


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