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Supergirl S1:E18

Everything you could want in a crossover episode and more!

Melissa Benoist as Supergirl and Grant Gustin as The Flash Supergirl CBS

World’s Finest

Curses Are The Pits

After last week’s drunken power fall Siobhan is at the DEO being examined to eliminate the possibility of Siobhan being a Fort Rozz escapee or an alien. The problem is she’s neither and what’s more worrying is that they can’t identify what she is. Winn tries to talk to her but Siobhan keeps hearing and seeing strange things and bounces to her aunt who has bad news: back in the day someone pissed off a banshee and every woman in her family line has been cursed to hear it since. If she doesn’t kill the person who wronged her she’s screwed: her power will increase but she’ll go insane. Siobhan, who saw Livewire while in the DEO, decides that killing Kara is the way to go.

You’re Who Now? 

What Siobhan doesn’t count on is Barry Allen showing up just when Siobhan shrieks Kara right out of the windows of Catco. Neither is Barry for that matter, as he was working on increasing his speed and accidentally jumped earths, landing on Earth-3 where Superman, Supergirl, Martian Manhunter and other aliens exist but metahumans don’t. Barry and Kara dork at each other all episode and it is, without a doubt, the cutest thing ever. Seriously their respective levels of adorable this ep make up for both of their continual screw ups all season.

Villain Team Up!

It’s a good thing Kara has back up as Siobhan, officially going by Silver Banshee now, breaks Livewire out of the DEO so they can take out Supergirl and then kill Cat and Kara. Unfortunately Barry and Kara get their asses handed to them, twice, which is sobering for Kara but nothing new for Barry who is used to going up against people who are just as powerful as he is. They get an assist from the fire department who use their hoses to short out Livewire after Kara takes a hit that Livewire meant for the police helicopters circling the scene. That enables them to take them both out and into custody. 

Hope Spot

Everything seems to be ending well with Barry helping the National City police department set up metahuman holding cells like they have at Iron Heights; Siobhan, while having embraced Silver Banshee, not being down with hurting randoms despite Livewire’s insistence and therefore having a chance at redemption; Barry’s advice to Kara to not waste time where James is concerned being put to good use and Kara and Barry combining their abilities to create a breach to send Barry home.

But then…Myriad is activated and James, as well as every other human in National City, turns into an automaton and mindlessly walks somewhere under Non’s command.

Can’t Stop Smiling

Two of my favorite characters doing what they do, being adorable and bringing out the best in each other. It was a great episode that surprisingly moved the plot forward for both shows and opened up several worlds of possibilities.

Now get to renewing the show CBS so we can have this happen again next year!

Did you catch? 

  • Amelia Hamilton
  • No Star Labs? That’s not good.
  • Black Canary shout out! (Please let this mean Laurel is headed for her own show)
  • Scarlet Speedster! Girl of Steel!
  • Crisis on Infinite Earths shout out.

Seriously this episode was fantastic.

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