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Gotham Recap S2:E16

Oh Ed. You’re about to regret all your life choices.

Ben McKenzie and Donal Logue Gotham Fox ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Jessica Miglio/FOX


It’s an Oswald and Jim episode as each is trapped in a mess with one surrounded by enemies unknowingly and the other having allies in unexpected places.

Nest of Vipers

Oswald gets to know his dad and surprisingly Elijah is not a lunatic, though apparently there is a history of genuine mental illness in the Van Dahl family that Elijah witnessed up close and personal when his dad blew his brains out. This makes Elijah extremely forgiving of Oswald’s past, especially as Oswald and Gertrude’s hardships were partially his fault. Can’t say the same for Oswald’s step-mother and step-siblings: they’re money grubbing, social climbers who are extremely unhappy about the fact that Elijah has a son who is a full blood heir. The trio spend the episode trying to get rid of an oblivious Oswald who is just happy to have a family in the wake of Gertrude’s death and his time in Arkham. When exposing Oswald’s past doesn’t work they resort to poison which backfires when Elijah, who I suspect knew what was up, drinks the poison instead. Elijah dies in Oswald’s arms which isn’t going to help Oswald’s already weakening grasp on his sanity. 

Hurricane Jim

Jim spends the episode getting his buttons pushed by the warden at Blackgate, who is an old friend of Loeb‘s and is, of course, on the take. There are plenty of buttons to push as Jim has an admirer in Puck, who worships Jim because Jim saved his sister from the Dollmaker last year. Worse, Jim finds out from Harvey that Lee lost the baby and has left town, and this information causes Jim to pretty much fugue out for most of the episode. Thankfully Harvey, a few of the guards and the awesome Don Falcone have his back. Falcone arranges for a ‘hit’ to be put out on Jim, helping him to escape and because Puck was beat up to get at Jim, Jim takes the kid as well. Falcone offers to send Jim to Lee and get them both out of the country but even Falcone knows Jim’s not going to take the easy play. 

Jim’s back, backed by Falcone and Harvey and looking for revenge.

I’ve a feeling Ed’s about to have a very bad…everything.

I Wonder

  • Who wants to take bets that Lee didn’t lose the baby?
  • Just the idea of Jim is going to be enough to make Ed sloppy.
  • Barbara’s coming guys.
  • Oswald’s family are going to find out the hard way they can’t handle his crazy.
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