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Advanced Review Brew: GoldKey Alliance #1

Writer: Phil Hester

Artist: Brent Peeples

Colorist: Morgan Hickman


What do a Secret Agent specializing in artificial intelligence, a massive homeless man that can see into another dimension, a Native American Park Ranger/Reality Television star who stops poachers from stealing dinosaur eggs, and a young missionary Doctor who can control the movements of the sun have in common? They are all characters that have had their own comics from various publishers over the years, but they have been brought together in one title into our world.

**Spoilers Beyond This Point**

The latest title from Dynamite Entertainment is GoldKey: Alliance, from writer Phil Hester whose credits include Swamp Thing, Green Arrow, and Aliens. The set-up for this pilot issue is simple enough, the four main protagonists are introduced individually beginning with the homeless Samson, a mountain of a man who sees monsters everywhere. He is causing a commotion at a local store but no matter how many men try to escort him out, he has the strength of his biblical namesake. Even being shot by the police has little to no effect  and he easily escapes. [The Mighty Samson made his comic debut in 1964]. The story then switches gears to a National Park in the dead of night where poachers are on a mission to steal Triceratops eggs to sell on the black market. They are stopped by Turok, a Native American tribal park ranger who is also a reality TV show star. [Turok has been featured in various titles and video games through the years as Turok: Dinosaur Hunter]. Next we are taken to a fancy hotel where two Secret Service type agents await the arrival of their charge. Agents Magnus and Clane are seen bantering back and forth but as their protective assignment approaches, Magnus assaults Agent Clane, revealing that she was an android copy of his friend. [Magnus was first seen in 1963 and has had a long run with publishers such as Valiant and Dark Horse as Magnus, Robot Fighter]. Finally we meet Solar, who is doing missionary work in Africa. A local warlord is planning on destroying a dam in order to keep the villagers under his thumb. He plans the attack at nightfall but Solar prevents this by controlling the star to not set and remain daylight. When the warlord attempts to kill her, his gun misfires. He then tries to murder her with his machete but it melts in his hand. The villagers praise her as “The Sun Walks Among Us”. [Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom first appeared in 1962 and has also had various versions produced by both Valiant and Dark Horse].

For classic comic fans, GoldKey: Alliance is a long awaited treat. Hester lays down the groundwork for the quintuplet of characters nicely without spoiling how these four unite. Brent Peeples, who has done work for Image and Valiant, excels in his craft within this title. He uses classic superhero art styles from the 60’s and merges them with modern flair. His attention to detail is keen and flawless. Bringing these characters together into one publication is sure to be an action packed ride that will bring both a sense of nostalgia to old school readers and thrills to the current generation as well.

4.75 tranquilizer darts out of 5

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