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Supergirl S1:E16 Recap

Nothing like a little RedK assisted self-sabotage….

Melissa Benoist as Kara SUPERGIRL CBS Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2016 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved


And Now A Walk on The Bitchier Side

Kara gets exposed to RedK, which of course Max created, and spends the episode making Clark’s little walk on the wildside seem tame in comparison. Within a few days she manages to get Siobhan fired; (more on that in a moment); alienate the entirety of National City; threaten Cat’s life by throwing her off a building; tell Alex that she’s a worthless, jealous piece of garbage that would be nothing without her; and gets rapey with James behaving in a way that a male character would be tarred and feathered for. 

The piece de resistance? Going on a rampage that forces Hank to come out as The Martian Manhunter publicly to put her down before she kills anyone.

Well That’s Ruined

The above pretty much puts an end to Senator Crane’s crush on Hank. Apparently his rescue of her a few episodes back helped her begin to overcome her fear of aliens and now she feels, rightly, betrayed and thinks he killed the real Hank Henshaw.

While Lucy quits so she doesn’t have to deal with the James/Kara thing, Kara’s behavior on the RedK puts the kibosh on any relationship between James and Kara due to how utterly vicious Kara is when speaking about Lucy and the aforementioned rapeyness.

Seriously: when Kara throws herself at James he politely and then more forcibly tells her NO and then tries to walk away from her. Kara proceeds to use her super-strength on him to keep him from leaving and it’s only Cat calling that saves it from going to the next level.

It’s really, really disturbing.

Families of Choice 

Speaking of disturbing: Kara terrorizing Alex, dressed as Astra? No. Effing. Thank. You. The fallout from that little horror show and getting Hank imprisoned will (better) probably be felt for seasons to come.

Your Own Worst Enemy

The episode did a really good job framing the ongoing conflict between Max and Kara and the soon to come conflict between Kara and Siobhan as all three are the architects of their own downfalls due to their own insecurities.


  • Creates the Red K in an effort to take on Non and the other kryptonians
    • Ends up creating a monster in Supergirl’s skin.


  • Spent the last few episodes being a giant arse to Hank.
  • Continually takes for granted how much Hank, Alex and Cat cover for her.
  • Repressed her feelings for James all season
    • On RedK destroys her familial relationships
    • Gets Hank jailed and loses Cat’s trust
    • Almost seriously harms James because she has no inhibitions and decides that if she wants him she should have him, whether that’s what he wants or not


  • Comes out the gate being a jerk to Kara
  • Doesn’t listen repeatedly when Cat tries to groom her to follow in her footsteps
    • Kara on RedK ruins her career
    • Goes behind Cat’s back to Perry White with a scoop and ends up with nothing

How this plays out going forward we’ll see but it’s an interesting way to parallel the characters especially as the show has made a point of showing that Max and Siobhan have genuine feelings for Alex and Winn respectively.

I hope these things are given room to breathe and aren’t forced to be wrapped up in this first season as I want to see more of Siobhan while Max’s weird relationship with the Danvers sisters needs to be explored more.


We know Max knows that Hank is an alien due to bugging Alex’s apartment, how much you want to bet this was all a long con to get Hank out of play at the DEO? 

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