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Supergirl S1:E14 Recap

Kara needs some basic lessons in civil liberties apparently…

Melissa Benoist as Supergirl and Jeff Branson as The Master Jailer Supergirl CBS

Truth, Justice and the American Way

Kara and Alex are hanging out and Kara is afraid of going back to work due to all the stuff that’s happened. Kara is also lamenting Astra’s death and the fact that she was very close to getting through to her. Alex tries to tell Kara she killed Astra, not Hank, but she doesn’t get the chance because Non shows up to threaten the girls. He’s also there to ask Kara to lead the funeral rites as it’s Kryptonian custom for the surviving eldest female to conduct them. When the rites are completed Non tells Kara that once the two weeks of mourning are done, the next funeral will be hers.

Thus begins Kara’s hell week, however girlfriend brought half of her problems on herself this time.

Most Jerkass Has A Point Moment

Kara and Alex holding Max against his will despite Hank being pissed about it from the previous episode, it exposing the DEO to Max machinations and investigation and James telling Kara straight up that she’s proving Max’s point. James’ advice goes in one ear and out the other.

Most Girl, You Have Lost Your Damn Mind Moment: 

Kara’s behavior towards Hank this entire episode is just one big step towards Oliver Queen levels of dickbaggery. Her insubordination, her whining and self-involvement made me want to punch her in the face. Repeatedly. Girl, your aunt was a damn terrorist, even if Hank had killed her, he would’ve been justified. Mourn her for who she was to you but that attitude? Take that shite somewhere else.

Most Hmmm, This Should Be Interesting Moment: 

The introduction of Siobhan Smythe. Siobhan is smart, capable, sexy as hell and not at Catco to make friends. Even if I didn’t know who her alter ego is I would be watching my back if I were Kara….and Lucy. I’d put money on Siobhan’s going for James at some point as she correctly assessed the weaknesses in his relationships with Kara and Lucy within a day of meeting them. 

Most Wasted Use of A Villain Moment: 

The Master Jailer is an interesting character and his cover is a perfect one. The fact that he’s dealt with in one episode is disappointing as he clearly knew Alura and Astra,  and more importantly, had a unique perspective on the sisters and who they were.

There’s a reason he was so devoted to Alura’s memory that he does what he does.

Overall this was a good episode, not a great one. Kara is too easily forgiven by those around her, a consistent issue with Berlanti superhero shows, when she behaves like a blatant ass.

Conclusion? Kara needs to get her shite together.

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