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Gotham S2:E13 Recap

It’s a night of parallels on Gotham

Nathan Darrow as Victor Fries/Mr. Freeze Gotham Fox

A Dead Man Feels No Cold

Victor breaks into ACE Chemicals, a division of WE for that liquid helium he needs to save Nora. Jim, Harvey and what’s left of the Squad show up to find everyone frozen to death, and a note carved in ice asking for Nora to be freed.

Barnes is one hundred percent not onboard with that and everything goes pear-shaped quickly.

Bruce Wayne Has No Chill

Lee begins counseling Bruce, who tells her that he was in no way afraid during his kidnapping, but felt alive for the first time since his parents died. Lee? Trying to figure out who she pissed off that all the men around her are bugnuts.

Alfred also tries to rein in Bruce’s crazy by making him a deal: Alfred will kill Matches Malone once they track him down so Bruce doesn’t have to. Alfred tries to get through to him that murder isn’t something you come back from.

So, of course, Bruce immediately asks Selina to get him a gun.

Not So Different After All

This entire episode was a parallel of the relationships of Victor and Nora with Jim and Lee. Two brilliant and kind but borderline insane men who have a tendency to go to extreme & psychotic lengths to protect the people they love, and two extremely intelligent women who know this, yet keep ignoring the warning signs. It’s too late for Victor at this point, as he admits in the episode, so the question is: does Jim stand a chance to get off the road to hell or will he continue to walk the wide path?

But Seriously, What In The Hell? 

Hugo Strange and Peabody are doing some crazy shite at Arkham – not Indian Hill, Arkham – and doing it in broad daylight because who’s going to believe the crazies? Something Oswald finds out when he tries to warn Jim. Jim’s not hearing it, even though he clearly feels something is off the moment he sets foot in the place, because to admit it would mean admitting that Oswald’s not crazy and Jim’s not ready for that.

This is problematic for several reasons, the least of which is Hugo’s collection of freaks and scavenged bodies at Indian Hill: Victor, who tried, and failed, to kill himself with his formula in the wake of Nora’s death, being the newest addition, joining Fish, Firefly and Theo.

Tell Me Lies

The most interesting turn of the night is the confrontation between Lee and Jim. Lee doesn’t give a damn about Jim killing Theo, as far as she’s concerned it’s the least Theo deserved. The problem is that Jim lied directly to her face about it despite her telling him on multiple occasions that he could lie to anyone else, but he’d better not lie to her. This is the first real crack we’ve seen in their relationship and unless something changes I don’t see it being the last.

Jim needs to pull his shite together and soon, because he’s caught the attention of Hugo Strange and no one wants that. Just ask Penguin.

4 Cryo Cells Out of 5


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