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#29DaysofBlackCosplay …bringing positive images to the masses

Last year, many thought that when Chaka Cumberbatch decided to do this, it was just a fluke.  She and other cosplayers from around the world proved the haters wrong.  A year later and with one more day in February (thus the #29DaysofBlackCosplay hashtag), Chaka and those cosplayers are back and they brought their friends.  With only 3 days already gone, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media outlets are already alive with pictures of amazing cosplays.

The mission remains the same: To bring positive images to people of color as well as other minorities who otherwise may pick up a comic, watch a TV program or go to a movie and may never see a character that they identify with.

It also encourages those who want to cosplay to feel inspired to portray characters usually reserved for non Black characters.

When asked,

What’s the most encouraging advice you’d have for a black cosplayer who is interested in joining the scene but is concerned about racist remarks they’ve seen or read online?

Dale Harvey had this to say:

In moments when hatred comes, embrace that ignorance for what it is, don’t let it steal your joy and use it as fuel to make you stronger, and work harder at your craft and the thing you love. Continue to shine and let your work shine, because in the end that is one of the things that will help keep your joy in cosplay, remember words are words but your actions can put a lie to their claims, and your strength can put a crack in the armor of any troll that you come across.

If that’s not enough to move you scroll down and see some of the awesome tweets that have gone out in the past few days.


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