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Supergirl Recap S1:E11 Recap

Supergirl S1:E11 Recap

David Harewood as J'onn J'onzz Supergirl CBS

Strange Visitor From Another Planet

This episode is all about boundaries and the past as Kara continues to deal with the fallout of what happened with Winn; Hank’s horrible past comes back to haunt him in full terrifying color and Cat’s son shows up due to Kara’s meddling.

On top of all of that? Senator Miranda Crane, anti-alien bigot, is in town.

Cat wants someone to cover Crane’s rally and Jimmy volunteers himself as he’s itching to get back in the field. All is going well until Cat sees a young man in her office. It’s Adam and it seems Kara sent one of the many letters that Cat has written to him that Cat threw away. Cat rips her for violating her privacy, which she did, and promises to make her life hell. After she deals with seeing her son for the first time in years.

At the rally Crane is talking some nonsense when a White Martian shows up to murder her and Hank freezes because of the whole planet wide genocide. As soon as it sees Hank it rolls out because it was all a ruse to draw Hank out. When Hank used his powers to infiltrate Lord Tech it called out to it. The good thing is James got some quality shots that might help them in their investigation. The bad thing is when James looks at the shots he realizes that Senator Crane’s eyes are glowing in the ones from after the rescue.

Cat goes to dinner with Adam, disregarding Kara’s advice to be honest with him, and tells him all about herself instead of actually asking him about his life. It’s a disaster and Adam leaves. It’s only after Kara goes to see Adam and wears him down with her Karaness that he agrees to meet with Cat again. Adam tells Cat that he thinks she she didn’t want him but Cat tells him that she’s missed him every second of every day and they begin the work of repairing their relationship.

WM! Crane baits Hank about having an alien in the DEO and about the fact that there may be other hidden aliens in their organization and how embarrassing for him if that were to get out. When she specifically mentions a White Martian attacking her she tips her hand and Hank tries to take her out but freaks again as he remembers that his people were herded into concentration camps or put in furnaces. It’s every bit as messed up as you think it is, especially as we see Hank’s wife and daughters get taken. WM!Crane escapes and Hank goes over the edge on a revenge trip because he has had more than enough of this White Martian nonsense.

Alex implores him to not go off that cliff as he’s not a murderer but Hank is done. He does have the sense to take a team once he uses his powers to locate the WM but when Alex radios that she found Crane, Hank tells her that’s not possible because Crane is with him. Alex finds that out when WM!Crane smiles and uses Alex as bait to pull in Hank.

Hank tries to give himself up to WM!Crane to save Alex but Kara tells him that dying is easy, surviving is hard. She and Hank tag team WM!Crane and beat its ass but at the last minute Hank kryptonite handcuffs Kara so he can kill it once and for all. Kara and Alex beg him not to and get through to him, locking up the WM who threatens earth with invasion. Kara, Alex and Hank are like, ‘Bring it bitch.’ Hank then tells the girls that while he lost his daughters and that loss will always be with him that any man would be proud to call them his daughters.

Shut up. I’m not crying! You’re crying!  

As Kara and Alex are chilling they see ‘Supergirl’ on tv rescuing someone. So, I guess we know what Max was doing in that lab….

More threads are coming together but I’m a little bummed that we haven’t seen Astra in a bit. The show really has to find a balance between expanding the characters backgrounds and moving the plot forward. One of the drawbacks of this show is that the writers simply try to cram way too much into each episode as if they expect to be cancelled at any minute. It’s the same thing that Arrow suffers from with the flashbacks of doom.

Hopefully when the show officially get renewed for a second season this will calm down.

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