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Supergirl S1:E10 Recap

It’s getting real on Supergirl…

Jeremy Jordan as Winn Schott Supergirl CBS

Childish Things 

We open at Van Kull Max Prison where the guards are freaking out because they have to feed Toyman and I literally went NOPE because Toyman is terrifying. He escapes, murdering everyone in his path, silently which somehow ups the creepy factor. It’s all over the news and everyone is justifiably scared.

J’onn and Kara are flying, with J’onn training her on proper techniques. She and Alex are trying to get him to ‘come out’ as the Martian Manhunter but he insists the world needs Hank Henshaw and the DEO more. It doesn’t help that he spent fifty years being hunted and that left an impression, but the girls aren’t so sure, especially as he’d be aces for getting into Lord Tech undetected, which they need to do based on the information that James got them.

Cat and Lucy are having lunch, Cat is pitching Lucy a job at Catco as the company’s General Counsel. At first Lucy is not on board but Cat is like, ‘Girl, James is fine and all but you need to work or you will lose your damn mind.’ Lucy takes the job.

Holy crap Winn is Toyman’s son. Holy. Shite. We find this out when the FBI shows up to take Winn, his dad left him a message, a creepy, creepy Batman doll asking him to meet him. Winn goes to the meet, tailed by the FBI and Kara, at a toy factory and everything is nightmare inducing as the toys are all armed and watching Winn and AHHHHH!

Toyman tells Winn he broke out for him and Winn is absolutely not happy about this. As soon as the FBI get eyes on Toyman they come in, ready to shoot, as he killed one of their own in their last encounter. Winn begs them not to shoot but they don’t listen and everything somehow gets even more horrifying as it’s a life sized doll of Toyman that triggers toxic gas in the building.


Guys, I don’t think I’m going to get through this episode without having to bleach my brain, the only thing I hate as much as clowns are dolls and this is like my worst nightmare.

Alex gets Max out of his lab by being herself in a smoking hot dress while J’onn shapeshifts his way through Lord Tech. He finds the young lady in the lab and tries to bluff his way out of there with her but it doesn’t work so he has to memory wipe everyone, but he promises her he’ll be back to get her out. Since she wakes up I’m going to hope she heard him and I’ve a feeling I know who she is. Unfortunately, when J’onn uses his memory wipe powers it’s an all or nothing deal and so the people he wiped don’t remember the last ten years.

Winn figures out where his dad actually is but it’s a trap for Supergirl as his dad saw her rescue Winn earlier. Kara gets stuck in quicksand, laced with thermite, which makes her unable to use her heat vision, while Toyman goes off to plan his kidnapping of Winn. Kara makes it out but Winn wants to call in the FBI because he’s frightened, not just because of Toyman’s increasing body count but because he’s scared he’s going to become him. Kara tries to talk him down, because if anyone knows what it’s like to have batshit crazy in their direct family line it’s Kara, but it goes downhill when Winn tries to kiss her. It’s awkward as hell and Winn bolts, only to immediately get snatched by his dad.

Toyman wants Winn to kill Chester Dunholtz, the man who stole Toyman’s designs and sent him over the edge to crazytown, who is holding a press conference at the convention center. Winn refuses but Toyman planted ten bombs all around the place so if Winn doesn’t do it he’s going to set them off. In Toyman’s head this guarantees that they’ll be together forever: either they’ll escape together, they’ll go to prison together or they’ll die together. Winn tries to go through with it but can’t so his dad sets off the bombs. Thankfully Kara has Winn’s back and is able to stop them but now Winn is just a walking trauma due to everything that’s happened. He tells Kara that he’s in love with her, and has been for a long time, and that he doesn’t want to be his dad. He doesn’t want to bottle everything up until he explodes from the crazy. Kara just wants things to be like they were before but they simply won’t be because the all of them are changing as people, rapidly.

At home Kara and Alex are like, ‘We are disasters. Let’s eat pizza.’ Alex thinks she can handle Max and that he won’t be able to get anything past her. Except he implanted a nanobot camera on her purse and now he knows she and Kara are sisters and that Hank is …something.


While I’ve been really into the show up until this point it’s only in the last two episodes that it seems that all the through lines are really coming together. I knew at the Thanksgiving episode when Winn told them his dad was a criminal it was going to be important though I honestly didn’t see Toyman coming. I cannot wait to see what’s going to happen next.

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