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Movie Review: Krampus

by Alley Shelley

Spoiler Warning: If you know nothing about the character read no further…. Ye hath been warned

Historically, Krampus is a Germanic folklore character that dates back to as early as the 1600s. He is a horned/hooved God of the witches that takes care of the “naughty list” for old Saint Nick. A great character for horror flicks, but with a few good (Satanic) laughs, just to make it more entertaining.

Open scene to the typical holiday shopper nightmare. People trampling each other for a sale and an utter loss in what the meaning of what Christmas is truly about. Max, the young son of the family, begins to lose hopel.  This is what brings the ancient spirit of Krampus to take all that they have. The grandmother, or Omi, was left alive as a child for a reminder of what Krampus will do when hope is lost and the spirit of Christmas is absent in your heart. Not too many bloody gory scenes, but the movie had a few audience members jumping at times with a nice mix of laughter.

The costumes and scenery are perfectly dark for the story. The creation and costuming for the dark elves as well as Krampus were eerily real. The blizzard that comes with Krampus, kills the lights and phone lines (a prelude of the other killings to come). An animated scene told the story of the grandmother, with an old-timey feel, inspired by the poverty she experienced in WW II. The fire needs to stay hot, as we learn from her, to keep Krampus at bay, but will not hold off all his satanic minions and dark elves from getting inside.

If clown faces make you shudder, imagine that with a tremors/sand snake-like creature inside of a jack in the box body eating you. Take the whole family to this one (as long as everyone is over 13), because nothing brings a family together during the holidays like having everyone get killed and eaten by demonic toys and evil gingerbread men. Happy Holidays everyone!

Directed by Michael Dougherty, Written by Todd Casey, Michael Dougherty, and Zach Shields

Rated: 4 murderous elves out of 5  (funny, scary, and enjoyable this time of year to take a break from the holly jolly and have a large horned demon come down your chimney and kill you with toys)


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