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Weekend Coverage: Daredevil #183 “Child’s Play”

Penciling: Frank Miller | Inks: Klaus Janson
So, I’m a pretty big Daredevil fan. Always have been since I was a kid. I mean, sure, you had the crowd favorites like Spider-Man and the X-Men, but there was something compelling about this high flying hero who called himself The Man Without Fear. The same remains true to this day. We’re still months away from Ol Hornhead’s Netflix series going into its sophomore season, but it’s never too early to get hyped about it. So, my pick for this weekend’s cover is from Daredevil #183 by Frank Miller.
Now, I could easily get technical here and wax poetic about the timeless color palette or the near perfect linework at play, but that would only represent a small fraction of my love for this cover. Granted, part of my affection for this weekend’s pick comes from my need to try and remember “the good times” when it comes to poor, odd old Frank. However, much of it comes from what this cover represents.
For one thing, it hammers home Matt Murdock’s vulnerability, reminding you that despite the legendary status he has in his beloved home, Hell’s Kitchen, the fact that he takes some serious ass kickings and keeps jumping in the line of fire is what makes him such a compelling character.
It’s also important to remember that Issue #183 is Daredevil’s first encounter with the Punisher and this cover definitely sums up the feeling you get from these two gritty pulp heroes colliding. Though Daredevil had undergone a huge overhaul on Miller’s watch, Punisher could have almost been considered a Captain America for a different war.
The cover very much represents the quintessential anti-hero, a man who (according to DD, “can’t tell the difference between good guys and bad guys”) blasting his way through the old guard of superheroes, making for a very bloody time in Hell’s Kitchen. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if we were to get some sort of homage to this cover during a scene of Daredevil’s upcoming new season.
Well, we can at least hope.
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