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Scream Queens: Near Final Girls Season Review

Scream Queens is a horror comedy about the sorority of Kappa Kappa Tau, led by Chanel Oberlin, which is being threatened to be shut down by Dean Munsch, reigniting a twenty-year-old mystery. I didn’t know much about the show and went in blind, not knowing who created this series or who was going to be in the cast; with the season nearly over, let’s see what I think about the first season so far.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much of the first episode and it wasn’t that good, however I wanted to see if the show improved. It did, a little, revealing more about the mystery twenty years prior: at Kappa house, a girl died after giving birth in a tub. This somehow leads into the Red Devil mascot killing people on the Wallace University campus. Pretty interesting mystery that catches you off guard with some of the twists that happen.

I thought I narrowed down the possible killers but over the course of the season the show changed that by having more than one killer. The switch up of the “Red Devils” makes guessing the identity of the killer harder – especially when accusations fly from each character.

I did figure out a few things that probably would happen in the show, such as most of the supporting cast dying. I called it from the beginning, with the death of a supporting character early on in the first episode. After that it’s just a matter of time. 

The actors do a good job in their respective roles. Emma Roberts, who plays Chanel Oberlin on the show, does a great job. She is the queen bee of the Chanel’s and Kappa Kappa Tau. Everything she says is mean spirited and demeaning and while I don’t like her at all, she steals every scene she is in. Some of her scenes are a bit over the top, but for her character, it fits.

The other Chanels (3,5, and later 6) round her out and make her a more humane person in the later episodes. Jamie Lee Curtis, who plays Dean Munsch, wants to get rid of the Kappa Kappa Tau girls. She is also meticulous and it shows in her every action.

As for the pledges they serve the purpose of either furthering the show’s mystery of the girl in the tub or are there to be lambs to the slaughter. The show does a have a nice cast of diverse characters and does break some stereotypes and the subplots are decent. Also, learning about the other pledges and some of their backstories is interesting.

Finding out the creators of Glee and American Horror story were involved in the show didn’t bother me. I like American Horror Story and I’ve seen one episode of Glee, so I see how they developed the show: a horror comedy show with a touch of “Scream”, sprinkles of “Glee” and a hint of mystery. I think there should’ve been more horror to it than comedy however as the comedy side falls flat. The horror and mystery side is far more engaging. The overall writing could have been better but the death scenes are good and creative. Style-wise the costuming and look of the show is great. 

There are not a lot of shows that I dislike or even hate, even this show, but it isn’t the best in terms of comedy. The mystery and horror side work a lot more and if it focused more on that side than comedy, it probably would be a better show. If this show does get a second season, I hope that it can improve the comedy side of it. The story and characters make the show entertaining and keep me somewhat interested to see how it all unfolds.

3 Scream Queens out of 5


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