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Review Brew: The Totally Awesome Hulk #1

One thing you can say about Marvel is that it just loves to shake up the Status Quo of their Heroes.  Falcon becomes Captain America, Reed Richards of the Ultimate Universe is the most dangerous being alive.  Also we can’t forget that Thor is Jane Foster?!?! And if you haven’t guessed with the title another big change has happened and that’s the 8th smartest person in the Marvel universe, Amadeus Cho, has become the Hulk and he is lovin’ it!!!

Amadeus Cho – super genius teenager – now has the big green monster in him due to … uhm… reasons yet to be explained, and life couldn’t be any sweeter. Teamed with his Super intelligent younger sister Madame Curie “Maddy” Cho they are beating and capturing monsters that have begun appearing around the United States. So between road tripping, hitting on ladies and being the biggest, baddest superhero ever, Amadeus is having the time of his life while poor Maddy tries to keep him in line.

Greg Pak brings a refreshing change to the Hulk mythos with Amadeus Cho as the tether for the Hulk. Having a teenager in the roll of the Hulk with full control of his intelligence has created some great comedic moments in the story. It also gives Pak a completely new canvas to work with going forward with Hulk stories. With Banner the Hulk stories were all kind of, well, dark. Banner saw the Hulk as a monster for years trying to rid himself of that side of him until he finally embraced it becoming a bit of a monster himself. Amadeus loves the Hulk and its power, creating a more fun-loving story.

Teaming Pak with Frank Cho was a brilliant idea. The way Cho illustrates the issue gives it a slightly cartoon look thus capturing the fun side of the story. Yet Cho also captures the distinct nuances in expression from body language to facial expression that adds another depth to the story telling. Having these two dynamic creators on the book compliments each of their styles perfectly.

Now for what you all have been waiting for Judgement. The story is fun and light but this issue has introduced some intriguing plot lines that I am looking forward to being explored outside of how Amadeus became the Hulk. But I am not one hundred percent sold that Cho will be the man beneath the Green Skin for the long haul. Yet right now he is the man we need, at least that’s what Amadeus believes.

I give Totally Awesome Hulk 3.5 Gamma radiated Stars out of 5

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