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Review Brew: BloodThirsty #3

Writer: Mark Landry

Art: Ashley Witter

The adventures of the Crescent City’s resident vigilante/superhero continue in BloodThirsty #3. Virgil is hunting down the answers to why his brother Trey, a talented geneticist, was murdered in cold (and missing) blood. He questions Trey’s injured girlfriend, Mary, on the particulars of Trey’s demise and discovers that he made a breakthrough in his research, but that same breakthrough is what got him killed for he was now just a loose end. From the most prominent of citizens to the seediest underbelly of the Big Easy, there is a conspiracy afoot that is both lucrative and terrifying. How much would you pay for the fountain of youth? This new found knowledge puts Virgil’s life in serious peril, forcing him to confront old fears and put his trust in strangers. His only chance to gain justice for Trey is a dangerous infiltration into the very heart of the enemy’s lair.

Mark Landry continues a very interesting storyline which blends the everyday with the metaphysical. And while there is plenty of great content with learning the motives behind Trey’s murder and Virgil’s plans, this did have the feel of a “set up” issue. That is not a bad thing at all as it creates anticipation for the next issue but it does create a tendency to drag a bit with lengthy dialogue. I know I sound like a broken record but the artwork of Ashley Witter is simply sublime. She conveys the story though her art in a way that makes the reader feel they are watching a movie as opposed to enjoying a book. From the fear in a dying woman’s eye to the gleam of police lights, Witter is a master at her craft and she is on top of her game.

If you are not picking up independent titles, I encourage you to do so. Titan Comics, like so many other small distributors, has artists creating magic on paper. The BloodThirsty series is a perfect example of the high quality of work that is done outside the juggernauts of Marvel and DC.

4 Hemovores of 5

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