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Game of Tones – Printer is coming…

Viking has moved to end office conversations spoiling Game of Thrones ahead of the launch of the new series this weekend, with the creation of the anti-spoiler label.

(Please DON’T BE A JERK)

(And…Join us for the live chat here!!)

The downloadable labels  are designed to help protect fans of the hit show that aren’t quite up to date yet from being subjected to spoiler-filled conversations in the office.

By printing and wearing the labels viewers can display exactly where they are in the show, and colleagues will know what they can and more importantly what they can’t discuss with them – keeping storylines fresh and Red Wedding twists confined to the TV screen.

Broken down into each of the four seasons on the Viking website, the labels vaguely refer to the latest major event that particular viewer will have seen, without giving away the plot for viewers not up to this stage.

From ‘Jon has a Wildling time in a cave’ to ‘Daario just headhunted the Second Sons for Daenerys’ to ‘Oberyn needs an optician and a dentist’, Viking’s labels ensure that people can talk about their favourite show in the office without the fear of hearing any premature information.

No longer will Shelly from Accounts announce the death of your favourite character or Dan from Sales be the one who tells you of an alliance you shouldn’t know of for another dozen episodes.

The Game of Thrones anti-spoiler can be downloaded from the Viking website free of charge, here.

Ruud Linders, SEO Marketing Manager Europe, Viking, explains: “We’ve all been there, you’re the only one in the office who isn’t up to date with the latest hit TV show and you spend your evenings binge watching to catch up. You then spend your days in a state of irrational angst – worrying that any second now the office loudmouth is about to ruin the storyline for you.

“With on-demand and catch-up television the norm now, gone are the days when everyone was at the same stage in a show. We thought it’s about time we helped the naïve souls that are just starting out on their Game of Thrones journey and that’s how the anti-spoilers were born.

“Half the fun of watching a programme like Game of Thrones is being able to join in the traditional next-day office conversations. No longer will GoT ‘newbies’ have to live in fear of these – our labels provide safe haven from the overheard spoiler.”

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Viking is a global company, established in 1960 and now present in over 11 countries worldwide. It is part of Office Depot, one of the largest suppliers of office stationery and office products in the world.

Viking employs over 1,300 people in the UK and has built its success by selling great products at great prices, while offering customer service that is regarded as the best in the industry. Viking’s UK headquarters is located in Leicester.

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