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How not to ruin TV watching with spoilers

surprise.4Don’t you love this warning:  **BE CAREFUL SPOILERS AHEAD**

If there is one thing many of us enjoy about the summer is that it’s the time most of us have a chance to clear out our DVRs and catch up on some good TV. With fall fast approaching, many of us are in anticipation for shows like Arrow, The Flash, Scandal and so many more.

The problem is of course is since many of us use social media while watching TV, way too many times things get spoiled and it’s even worse if more than one show is on at the same time frame.

So, what are some of the ways we can spoil or talk about our favorite shows without pissing off our friends?

Here are some suggestions below and most are directly related to the others:


  • Don’t be a Jerk

This one is common sense. And yes, admittedly the author of this piece has been guilty but is getting better at piping down. But, if you just watched the main character die, rather than blurting out NED STARKS JUST GOT HIS HEAD CUT OFF !!!   perhaps make the post more suggestive. I can’t believe the ending of XYZ tonight!   or “Wow, I didn’t see that coming.”  Let’s try to remember there are others that are a bit behind and haven’t caught up yet.


  • Spare your FB and Twitter feeds

Of course this dovetails with the first example and there are ways to get past ruining friendships through social media. The first obvious way is to simply not post to your social media while the show is on. Enjoy the show and give your fingers a rest. Another suggestion that has been very effective especially for us Facebook users is live blogging but using the tools given you can set up private events  where you and your guests can post without it leaking out into the main feed. The timeline you save can be yours!!!


  • Give others a chance to catch up

The worst night for me and television are Sundays because depending on how far we are in the fall season we are, I may have as many as 3 shows coming on simultaneously which means something will get watched an hour later or the next day.   Furthermore, many of us should take into consideration that people in other time zones haven’t had the shows air yet so spoiling something for someone all the way in California is the fastest way to lose friends. Again, be considerate in posting for others that have absolutely no way to watch until it airs in their time zone.


  • On the flipside, get off of the internet

Now, this one is for the people who are the victims of the spoiling. These are the people that are a few episodes behind and long after the rest of the cyber-sphere has caught the episodes and moved on get mad when someone does drop that juicy tidbit about who lived and died on Walking Dead. If you have an absolute need to not have a show spoiled that you want to watch, stay off the net as much as possible. Shut off your alerts to your social media feeds, turn off you Instagram and your Twitter because as much as some people fuss and complain about having something spoiled, at the same time these people can also be responsible by not logging in for a while until said show is watched. If you are one of those people that must be plugged in constantly, if you look on the internet, there are apps and plug ins people can install that may be able to limit how much they will get in their feeds about their favorite shows. Even on facebook, there are ways to actually use key words to keep shows from being spoiled. But suffice to say, if YOU hate to have stuff spoiled and you know some of your friends are famous for spoiling shows, make it a point to stay away until you get caught up.


There are many other things we can do to make TV watching in the digital age a good one especially if you have real life friends and co workers that love talking about shows but the most basic rule is using common courtesy and asking our friends if they watched the show before blurting out who hooked up with whom, who died, and what secret was revealed.

This fall’s TV schedule looks to be promising so, let’s do our part by saving our timelines and friendships one spoiler free post at a time!

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