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Furious 7: Fun, Despite the Hokey Story

If I had to be really honest, I could say that I am not a die-hard fan of the Fast and the Furious franchise.   In fact this is the first one I have seen in the theater since the 2nd one. Yet somehow, I have seen all of them. This latest one, as hokey as the plot was, was not too bad. Let’s be honest, people go to see a F&F movie for the cars and insane stunts and less about the story but, James Wan tried really hard.

So what made the plot hokey? This movie quickly went from a revenge movie, to a weird mix of a Bourne, Bond, and Ocean’s 11 movie. The reason being was that Furious 7 globetrotted all over the world, showcased fabulous cars, hot women and 2 dimensional bad guys and lots a stuff that blew up good. In this mix, somehow it managed to barely hold up to the end. Think about it, it’s hard to have Jason Statham chase Vin Diesel around for over 2hrs without another plot device and like a few choice scenes, that subplot was rammed right in to the main story.

The plot is that Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) a super Special Forces, Black Ops trooper, is seeking revenge against Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) and company for what was done to his younger brother in the last movie.   To this end he starts hunting them down and systematically killing them.   Here is where the swerve comes in. Mr. Nobody (yes…that is his name, played by Snake Plis…I mean Kurt Russell) another black ops agent trying to put Shaw down, recruits Toretto to his cause saying that he wants to help, but only if the crew saves a hacker by the name of Ramsay (if you haven’t looked at IMDB yet, just be surprised who this is.) and stop a device called The God’s Eye from falling into the wrong hands. After that, mayhem ensues.

James Wan tried really hard to make this F&F movie to be the Avengers of car movies because we got to see vehicles of all kinds do things that vehicles are not meant to do especially in comparison with past movies, and somehow nearly every last character comes out without a scratch after some heinous wrecks. Not surprisingly, some vehicles survive the insane stunts as well, thanks in part to CGI. We see cars drive in graveyards, sides of mountains, down through mountains, through living rooms, art galleries, etc. While fun, it was really far fetched but, that’s to be expected. The biggest sequence that we all have seen from the trailers with the cars going out of the plane really needed the audience to take the leap of logic along with Roman who gets forcibly tossed out. The entire sequence is nothing short of something done out a video game with an unbelievable rescue and fight sequence. The later scene with the cars flying through skyscrapers is just as nutty.

Outside of the over the top action, the actors felt as familiar as they always have and we would be fools to expect that to change. To focus more on the added additions, I was glad to see Kurt Russell appear, as thankfully he didn’t throw his lot in with the Expendables. Djimon Hounsou, who has played a lot of baddies lately, was our bad guy of the day, Jakanda who sought out the God’s Eye. Tony Jaa got a chance to show his fighting skills and if you still have no clue who he is, you need to find Ong Bak NOW. Ronda Rousey was in for all of two seconds and thankfully she was limited to two or three lines. She also showcased her fighting skills to the chagrin of T-Pain’s DJ system. Also, somehow Iggy Azalea makes the briefest of cameos. Blink and you missed it.

Furious 7 did enough to keep audiences entertained. The banter between Roman and Tej was funny as always and there was hardly ever any down time to bore you. Some of the fight sequences are downright cool with the camera at times following through the movement of the actors. Stason Statham getting a Rock bottom through a glass table was fun. Michelle Rodriguez getting handled by Rousey was something to see. The only complaint, as i stated earlier, was the plot had enough holes to drive a Mustang through but despite it all, fans of the franchise recognize that Furious 7 is not a movie that is known for having an airtight plot. The one thing that I am still on the fence about is that even though the theme of the series has been about family and sticking together, is that each time, throughout this franchise, when you think these guys are out of the game, they still get pulled back in. Even when the credits roll, you know another caper is around the corner as long as this franchise makes money. The finishing touch before the credits rolled was the way Wan gives Paul Walker a nice send off.

If you don’t mind the hokey plot, just sit back and enjoy the ride. There will be a lot of things this movie does that will ask you to suspend your belief. Do it with a side eye and just watch the show.

3 out of 5 Stars

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  1. God’s eye = Prism, PRISM, NSA (modern day). Hokey plot your head out of the sand.


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