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TV Review: AD – The Bible continues

by Aitch Cee

A.D. – The Bible Continues, premiered at 9pm April 5th and picks up where The Bible miniseries from the History Channel, left off. The first episode starts with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and shows the crucial days after Jesus’ crucifixion up to His resurrection.

Over the years, audiences have been presented with many different visual versions of Jesus’ death and the early days of His disciples spreading the gospel. One of the most notable being a show that NBC had broadcast in the late 70’s and 80’s called Jesus of Nazareth. One of the only issues that many of these narratives had was that many of them rarely ever went beyond the death of Jesus and looked at the apostles. A.D. – The Bible Continues, looks to correct that.

As the episode opens, we are given a recap of the last days of Christ (Pablo Di Pace) as he is judged by Pilate (Vincent Regan), crucified and buried. The episode gets wider as we see the paranoia from the Caiaphas (Richard Coyle) and The Sanhedrin as attempts are made to ensure that Jesus’ prophecy and resurrection never comes true. We also get to watch from the disciples’ point of view as being in Jerusalem became quite a dangerous proposition.

Where The Bible miniseries was meant as an overview of the entire Bible, where bits and pieces were picked out to show the important or most famous stories, A.D. is more in depth. It is meant to give audiences a glimpse of the very early days of Christianity. This episode showed differing depths of how much turmoil that time was. The Romans were fearful that they had an uprising about to erupt, also the disciples were in fear of their lives because Jesus was gone, and the Sanhedrin were doing everything in their power to ensure that they stayed in power.

I was impressed with the visuals as it’s not often one gets to see a quality show on network TV that portrays that era. Better even was the way this time period was handled by the actors.   In many different films and other mini-series, the actors often come off as stoic and stiff without really giving viewers a sense of urgency to the situation. In A.D., I felt that you got a better idea of the fear, anxiety and tumult of the period.   The characters of all sides didn’t realize that they were becoming a part of some of the oldest stories told to man. None had any idea of the outcome of course. These characters were going about their daily lives and now that a revolution was on hand, it was a make it or break it point for all involved.

Mind you, this is the first part of a 12 part series that gives us the first books of Acts and should culminate with the Ascension. If one is looking for a good visual story showing the early days after the Resurrection, and how vital it was for the disciples to believe in what they were doing, I think A.D. will give it.

4 out of 5 stars

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