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Movie Review: Sin City – A Dame to Die For










This is was bad. I honestly haven’t seen a movie this bad since Red Tails.   It’s not enough that this movie took nine years since the first one to make but in the end, this movie was a mess of dry dialogue and very little character and near the end, as much as Little Nancy could care less about the life she takes, you will care less about this movie.


To be fair, I heard some of the early buzz that it wasn’t any good but I was determined to see it knowing that it had been so long since the 1st one so I tried to have high hopes for it. I was even more nervous about how this movie when the theater I went to had less than 20 people in the entire theater.   On opening night, it didn’t fill?   I really tried to keep the faith.


Just like the first movie, there are 3 separate stories that at some points intersect with each other to give us a tale of Basin City’s everyday drudgery.


The first story told of how Dwight, played by Josh Brolin fell in love with Ava, played by Eva Green, and how she manipulated men to do her bidding which at one point Dwight is manipulated to kill her husband. Dwight is torn between doing her bidding vs. doing the right thing and leaving her the heck alone. He also has a fascination with plastic surgery which really kinda of made me miss Clive Owen a bit.  Ava’s weapon is her sexuality and although Green plays the part of the seductress well, the story is so boring and so cliched that after a ½ an hour of seeing her mostly naked, I am saying to myself, put some clothes on and move the plot along already.


Well we finally do and then it’s on to Johnny’s story played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt who is some how connected to Senator Roarke played by Powers Booth.   His lot in life is that he is lucky in whatever he does and never loses. So when he crosses paths with Roarke and beats him in a game of cards, perhaps his luck runs out…or does it? Either way, the conclusion is inevitable and just like the first story…underwhelming. And part of the problem of his story is in similar style, he is introduced early in the movie and just when you are getting pulled in, Ava’s story takes over and for awhile I wonder if we forgot that he has a story.   It was similar to how the first one was cut but at least the other stories in between the main story was interesting.


Finally we get to the story of how Little Nancy, played by Jessica Alba gets her revenge. Honestly by the time we get here, I was checking my watch and hoping to get this over with. The one small spark in this was that it seemed like Robert Rodriguez saved up all of the action for this as a bit of a body count starts to build up and I was hoping for some serious action after all the dialogue that by the time the final bullet has been fired and the final body drops, I wasn’t sure to be happy that it was over or be angry that more was forthcoming.


I would probably do a disservice to not mention some of the other actors who showed up such as Mickey Roarke who reprised his role as Marv. With the films starting out with his character fumbling and bumbling through the opening and unable to figure things out to me was a sign of bad things to come, Christopher Meloni shows up was Mort, a corrupt cop who easily falls prey to Ava and although his character is easy to figure out, he is off the board way too soon. Dennis Haysbert takes over Michael Clarke Duncan’s role as Manute and he does a pretty ok job…for a henchman. And so it continues.  There are many parts of this movie that makes you keep a scorecard with what happened in the first one vs this one as some of those stories inter connect as well and at some point things you want to call plot holes soon become the realization that some pieces in this first one belongs here and vice versa.


To summarize, this movie was a slow and plodding mess in comparison to the first one. The actors either phoned it in or tried to make gold out of poop and it really just didn’t matter what you did, between Alba’s stripping, to Green’s boobs, to Powers’ growling, you just won’t care.


This movie was just…bad.


Oh yeah, Bruce Willis did a great imitation of Obi Wan.

Lastly, if you want to spend 1/3rd of your money for something better, pick up Ed Brubaker’s Fade out at your local comic shop instead.

1 out of 5 stars.


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  1. Man that makes me sad. I loved the first one and had wanted so bad for this to be its equal. I know Frank Miller has gone off the deep end in recent years, and the fact that he had taken over as the prime director and in charge of the editing made me nervous. I will see it on DVD eventually because I am a sucker for the original source material… But you just saved me the $60 or more I would have spent with my wife to see this at Alamo or something similar…


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