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4 Questions with – Mark McKenna !!

Here is Mark with Nikkol Jelenic and Jim Steranko November 2013

A  little while back we got a chance to ask one of the founders of Virtual Inks and author of numerous books including Combat Jacks and Banana Tail, 4 questions.  This is what we got!!

 An 8 year old wants to be like you when they grow up.  What’s the one thing you tell them to do?

Be somebody else. I’m taken!

Who wins in a popularity contest Rocket Raccoon vs Squirrel Girl?

Really? Theres a Squirrel Girl? Im so out of the loop.. Is there an elephant shrew to pick? No?…Gotta go with the raccoon then!

Name any movie you watched that has not aged well and why?

Just watched Batman Returns again the other day.. Couldn’t sit through it. Too hokey and cheesy dialogue just killed it for me now a days.

What is the most bizarre thing that has ever inspired you to draw and what was the end result.

Not sure if anything bizarre affected me in that capacity, but when I started out was told by an editor he wouldn’t print my crap… and now my craps been printed on over 8000 pages!


If you want to see some of Mark’s ‘crap’, please head on over here to


And to find out what Virtual Inks is all about, go here.


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