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The Next Issue Review Crew – April 30, 2014 – It’s AMAZING!!!

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*** Today, the Review Crew will give our differing perspectives on the Amazing Spider-man #1. Some of us will review it and others will give their thoughts on it as a collectible comic. As always, if you have NOT READ IT YET, don’t read this as it will contain spoilers below. Also, if you want to hear what some of us thought about this book, please click here to listen in on the podcast.**



As Reviewed by Aitch Cee

Spider-man was one of the first superheroes I knew and loved as a kid. One of the first comics I got into and I can continue on and on as I know that fellow geeks out there feel the same. Some of us have run the gauntlet of watching Peter deal with the death of the Staceys, the black suit saga, death of Kraven and more.

When Dan Slott wrote 700, he knew what he was doing because fandom reacted accordingly as many of us couldn’t believe what just happened. Chairs were thrown, tables were overturned as many of us tried to tune out what we thought was the biggest blunder in comics since peter revealed his identity in the Civil War. However those that got off the bus missed out on a big treat as Dan Slott wove a great story with the Superior Spider-man run, and whether you agree or disagree it’s one of the best Spider-man runs in its history, is up to you.

Amazing Spider-man #1 at its core is a jump off book with short tales to give readers ideas of the storylines that have been reaped from the Superior run and seeds that Slott is planting for the future but if this portion of the run could be called anything, it should be called damage control.
Peter is back in control of his body which is great but now he wakes up to a world in which New Yorkers hate him, J. Jonah Jamison has resigned as mayor, he OWNS a business and has a doctorate and now has a new girlfriend but the question on my mind is how will he handle these changes to his life? These are the seeds that Slott has planted as well as Felicia Hardy’s new resolve, Electro clawing his way back up the food chain and Spider-man 2099 still in this timeline.

I really enjoyed this book as a whole because it was one of those rare times that a writer has done so much to a character and shifted their entire life and still keep a reader waiting for what’s next and Slott did just that. From the last 2 issues of SSM to now, readers will have the chance to see the impact of what Otto’s occupation has done to peter’s life and I can’t wait to see how Slott gets Peter through it.

If you have been off the Spider-man wagon, now is the time to get back on. If you left after 700 get caught up with Superior and then get back on board because you missed a lot, even things that seemed insignificant are having big payoff.

4.5 out of 5 stars


Lee Gordon’s review:

Amazing Spider-Man #1 gave us the second appearance of Peter Parker and now over five decades later Dan Slott hints at something new. He introduces us to the beginnings of a new character that got bit by the same radioactive spider, but we don’t find out about “Silk” just yet. In this issue Peter is starting to pick up the pieces of his life Otto Octavious scattered.

The comic book is comprised of a few different stories. The main story ends with one of Peter’s greatest fears, but the backup story with the Black Cat shows the best promise, not to mention an Inhumans #1 added to the pages of this oversized issue. Variants are fetching up to $300 raw.

When Amazing Spider-Man #700 came out, Marvel produced the same type of book. In other words it was oversized and ruffled with variants, not to mention manufacturing defects. The Ditko variant started to fetch $1500 graded by CGC in a 9.8 and signed by Stan Lee. The asking price is currently $2000 while a 9.6 signed copy by “Stanley M. Lieber” is going for $6500.

With the Dallas Comic Con around the corner and Comic celebrities such as Dan Slott and Stan Lee, I expect many facilitators to be busy acquiring signatures for CGC fans, my brother being one of them. Stan Lee’s scrawl alone is around $80. Is that too much on a book being sold for $5.99 (variants not included)?

In fifty years will this book garnish the value speculators are already scrambling for? Will the market flood with graded copies? Are you one of the masses that hope to do the same exact thing? And now how many people can brag they have a signed copy of Amazing Spider-Man #1?

As for me, I’m still thinking about getting the Alex Ross Variant and after reading the “regular” copy of yet a new #1, Dan Slott shows why Peter Parker is the Amazing Spider-Man.


As reviewed by Ray Willis

He’s spectacular, amazing, and your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. After getting back in his body, Peter Parker is now back to being “The Amazing Spider-Man”. Doctor octopus was in his body for awhile but not anymore and Peter Parker has to deal with the fallout from Octavius’ run as “The Superior Spider-Man”. This issue just takes us through Peter Parker adjusting to life after getting back his body. I enjoyed this issue because it shows the quirks of old Peter and the differences between him and Ock. Peter getting his own company and dealing with how to managing it with tech he’s not accustomed to and assistants that are intrigued of why would he ask for help. Even The Avengers found him being back cracking jokes instead of belittling them on the capture. He even gets his clothes, well fabric torn off except for his mask and has to use his webbing to fashion himself some underwear by the “Menagerie”. Only someone like Peter Parker would get into that kind of situation especially swinging around the city with no clothes on and getting weird looks. Also the people of the city is split on him and Jameson is kicked out of office because of the events of Goblin war. he even has to stop working for himself and inventing new gear and dispose of his old gear with help of the robot Ock created assisting him. The one thing Pete didn’t count on was the letter Ock left for Anna Marie which will follow up in the next issue. Also there are other stories within this issue dealing with Electro and his career as a villain and loosing control of his powers because of Ock and Black Cat being put in the same prison Electro blows up in his story. Also other stories about other characters and how Peter’s power work. Ock did create problems but he did do some things right.


The story was simple helping reads get back to the Spider-man they grew up with and still read. I can admit I didn’t really read much of Superior Spider-man but I did follow the story. Dan Slott got some hate because of what he did to Peter but had a really good run out of it like Bucky as Cap for a bit before his inevitable return. I enjoyed the issue for what is what and that was the return and adjustment of Peter Parker back as Spider-Man to the life that Ock created in his absence. I don’t really have any complaints at all but everyone is entitled to their own opinion and everything is subjective. The art is really good and even though it’s a pricey, its has some nice stories put into it and also the first issue of Inhumanity at the end.

5 out of 5


Reviewer: Oz Longworth Jr. aka “Better Than You”

Well, the Superior Spider Man was a year of mixed results with the hard charging, mustache twirling antics of Otto “Doctor Spiderpus” Octavius. Those of you who keep up with my blog know that I started out not being a huge fan of Spidey’s during the “Octopus Age.” However, the series had a final act that is easily some of Dan Slott’s finest work. But with Peter Parker taking the wheel once again, Slott gets us back to business as usual…sort of…with an “Amazing” relaunch (see what I did there?).


In the wake of Doctor Octopus wreaking good-intentioned havoc on his life, Peter wastes little time trying to get back into the swing of things despite having no idea what’s gone on for the past while. I’ve had a similar problem before except, in my case, it wasn’t so much a result of body snatching as it was tequila. Anyway, it’s nice to see that Slott doesn’t exactly let Pete off too easy with getting everything back to status quo. From the moments of disorientation at seeing his own tech company to the revelation that he has a PhD (one of the funniest moments in Superior, by the way), his head seems to be spinning relentlessly and it makes for a great read. And of course, we can’t forget about “the old Parker luck” rearing its ugly head right in the middle of a supervillain (or something….those baddies were weird) fight. We also got a series of short but immensely entertaining vignettes from Slott as well as Peter David, Chris Yost and Joe Caramagna. These little treats not only offer us a look at the Superior aftermath of certain people that might still be holding a grudge from when Spidey wasn’t quite himself, but then an insight into what we can expect in the near future from this series and others in the Spider Universe. The artwork here in this book is freakin Murderer’s Row of talent. “Recapturing That Old Spark,” the story that focuses on Electro (just in time for the movie, of course) was one of the strongest highlights visually, borrowing the style of The Superior Foes of Spider-Man. The only vignette that feels somewhat out of place story-wise and aesthetically is the “How My Stuff Works” that comes across feeling too much like DC’s Tiny Titans and doesn’t really gel well with the rest of the book. Of course, everything else is so good, this is really only a minor grievance where the bigger picture is concerned.


Bottom Line: A fun start for the much anticipated return of Peter Parker that is MORE than worth the $6 price point.

4  out of 5




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