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Next Issue Spotlight – Vince White

What’s the low down on Will Power?

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If you listened to our latest podcast one of our guests was Vince White who is writing an amazing comic known as Will Power.  We took the time to ask him a few questions about his book and his process.

1.      What was your process for coming up with storylines for Will Power?

How do I create storylines for Will Power? Well I created this thing called the “THE ICON EQUATION™.”  THE ICON EQUATION™ is a collection of observations I have surmised by being a comic book fan for over a 20 years. In those 20 years, I have realized that not all characters arise to the level of “ICON.” I’ve also noticed there are a certain bullet point requirements that all iconic characters share in common. If your character or his or her storyline doesn’t have these ICONIC VARIABLES, then it is very possible that it doesn’t meet…

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