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4 Questions with – Ben !!


In this week’s edition, we talk to Ben, creator of Poop Office which can be a sh!tty out take of Dilbert , The Office and a few others.   If you want to know more about his work and have a really crappy sense of humor, you can relieve yourself by going to and please, don’t forget to flush!!!

1.  If you could go on a pub crawl with any fictional comic book character, who would it be? Would they have bail money?

I’d want to go with the gang from the Daily Bugle at 5pm on a Friday after a busy week. They could take the bail money from petty cash.

2. Name a comic character you would like to see with a beard and why.

Superman would grow a beard to protect his secret identity. Whenever he’s Clark, he’d be clean-shaven. But when he needs to change into Superman, he’d super-grow a beard. Then he’d heat-vision-shave it when he needed to change back. No one would ever guess a man without a beard could be Superman. Note: His beard trimmings could be used to make super itch powder. Because that’s what itch powder is — little hairs. Isn’t that gross? It is.

3.  Name one comic creator you think you could take on in a fight and win.

What’s the context? Does this happen on the pub crawl? Or in the holding cell while I’m waiting to see the judge? Who starts the fight? How do I win? Is the fight why I end up in jail? I just need more information before I tell you how’d I’d most want to risk murdering.

(Aitch sez: During the pub crawl, nobody knows who threw the first punch but you wind up a sharpie in your hand somehow.)

In that case, I guess I’d have to fight myself, Fight Club-style

4.  Name the last bad movie you saw and what made it so bad.

I’m one of the few people who still rents DVDs from Netflix, and I make sure to rent all the big hits that the kids are talking about like Hangover 3. Why was it so bad? Because it meant there will be no more Hangover movies! That and a giraffe was horrible murdered and they show it.

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