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Throwback Thursday Comics 1/30/14 !!!

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**Since Throwback Thursdays is such a cool thing after Hump Day, we decided to add our 2 cents with some cool ol’ school comics courtesy of Liam Potter. So let’s take a look at what he has to offer us this week!**

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Keep it in the family: Marvel Family Comics #1,

December 1945 (.10 cent cover price) Fawcett Publications.  Story by Otto Binder, Pencil and Inks by C.C. Beck. Reprinted in Shazam #8, December 1973. DC Comics.

Captain Marvel (or Shazam if you prefer) is considered by some the “poor man’s Superman.” I don’t like to think of the Big Red Cheese that way. Supes is basically E.T. with a better costume designer and adoptive country. Poor Billy Batson is thrust into the world of Super Humans through magic. Hello MAGIC!! Apparently there was a lot of magic floating around in 1945. In this issue Fawcett introduces the whole Marvel family (Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel Jr., Mary Marvel, Uncle Marvel and Baby Marvel…really what magic family would be complete without a super powered baby right?) Subtitled Mighty Marvel Family Joins Forces with Black Adam, it is the last cast member that really makes this issue. Empowered by the Wizard Shazam, Teth-Adam hails from the time of ancient Egypt’s 19th dynasty and becomes the hero of his native land. Over time Teth-Adam is warped by power and greed, and fails his people. He is rechristened Khem-Adam (Black Adam) a name to be feared and spoken of only in whispers. Black Adam’s story and origins are as convoluted as any modern comic fare and I won’t spoil the details for you, the MAGIC in any old comic lies in the reading. As with many Golden Age comics this issue has many stories on offer. 15 pages are devoted to this introductory Marvel Family tale, another 10 to the Baby Marvel story, 4 are given to Richard Richard:Private Dick, and there is a brief Boxcar Benny strip included just for fun. A pristine copy of Marvel Family Comics #1 may impact the budget a wee bit (2000-3000$ on average), however the 1973 reprint should run you less than 20 of your hard earned comic dollars. Until next time, keep turning the pages comic lovers!

Liam Potter is a comic book historian who specializes in Platinum, Golden and Early Silver Age comics (with an emphasis on military and western themes.) While the research is focused, the comic love is not. When not perusing old comics, I can usually be found with my head inside an issue of Thor, trying to figure out why my Uru Hammer hasn’t returned to me yet. You can read in depth reviews and information on old (and occasionally new) comics in my blog “Sounds Better in a Bubble!!” at

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