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So a year later, is Tomb Raider for next gen worth the double dip?


It’s a very good question and it depends on a few factors.  While I won’t go into an in depth review as I did one last year, I can tell you gameplay-wise, it’s all still there.  So all in all your miles may vary.  I would say the first factor in your purchase is based first of all on if you liked this game and are willing to play through it again. Let’s be honest, this is the only new offering between now and the end of next month before Thief arrives or unless you are willing to wait another month for Titanfall. Another factor is what system you played this on.  If you played this on a console, then you are in for a graphical treat as this game got a nice polish not unlike Assassin’s Creed Black Flag did.  If, like myself, you played this on PC, it’s really dependent on how much you taxed your graphics card to get the best out of the game. I initially started on an Nvidia 460 GTX and bumped it up to a 660 Ti. So I got the best that I could get but I can honestly tell you that with the next gen polish, graphically it performed a lot better.

You will notice a lot more small details that you have before such as water and dirt effects, smoke effects as well as an up-res in textures. Most impressive of course is how Eidos really ramped up how Lara looks especially the hair effects (which the TressFx brought my PC to its knees) and how the dirt and grime adhere to her and she goes through her adventures. Overall it’s still a beautiful game which brings in the last factor.   If you NEVER played Tomb raider before now in any iteration, now is the time to play it.  It’s a great early edition to the next gen consoles and you will be glad that you picked it up.

If I had any disappointment from the game, it would have ot be the multiplayer component.  I didn’t play any matches yesterday because none of the modes I tried and I tried them all seemed to never get enough people to start a multiplayer match and then one time when it did, it crashed before it started so after trying in vain to play MP after 45 mins., I gave up. I am not sure if it was a server issue or the fact I have not heard much good about the MP side of things but I was disappointed in not being able to play.

Otherwise, I still say that it’s still a solid game for those that have never played or if you were waiting a more pretty version, it’s right here.  Go ahead and give this a whirl before Thief and Titanfall come out and you won’t be disappointed!

3.5 out of 5

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