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Baltimore Comic Con 2013: A Wrap Up

**Yes, for those that regularly follow my blog, I missed my comic reviews this week.  I was trying to get ready for the show and had a lot to square away costume wise, I will be back this week and if all works well with something a bit different so stay tuned!**

So what happens when you wake up Monday morning with achy feet, slightly dehydrated, a little less cash in your wallet, but a grin on your face as you look at all of the comics you have signed and contemplating all of the pictures you have to sort though?  You just came back from a comics convention.

In its 14th year, Baltimore’s Comic Con saw one of its largest crowds ever and if the line circling around the convention center was any indication, it’s going to get bigger every year.  It was even just announced that they will move to a 3 day format next year and I am excited.

For myself, the highlights of it all was meeting up with all of my old friends and even making new ones at that show as well as doing video documentary while on the floor.

Another highlight was because I was so well prepared this year, I managed to get all of my books signed by the likes of David Finch, Frank Cho, George Perez, Dean Haspiel, Amanda Conners, Mark McKenna, Mark Waid and so many other.

And then of course there were the costumes and there was as always many of us.  I debuted 2 new costumes: Bishop and Cyclops and despite the fact that my visor almost didn’t make it, both went over well.  So next up is the New Your Comic Con, coming in just a few short weeks and I am all ready to go!   If you didn’t make it to Baltimore this year, and really curious as to what’s going on, there will be some videos highlighting the show and of course, pictures!

Make plans to come next year and I will see you there!!

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