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Aitch’s Next Issue Comic reviews week of 9/11/2013


**Hey all!!  Just an FYI, there may be some changes coming to the reviews soon so just keep an eye out and let us know what you think! And again, apologies for last week as prepping for Baltimore Comic Con took a lot of of me but here we are!!  So what goodies do we have this week?**

Eternal Warrior #1

Grep Pak’s new book with Valiant debuts this week and to be honest, the story was just ok.  It laid some groundwork on a brother and sister who are immortal warriors and have different views on war and who should live or die.  While Trevor Hairsine’s art was really nice and gritty for this story, I wasn’t really blown away by the story.  it felt at times to be all over the place and not really enough to pull me in.  but so far it has enough to get me in on my 3 books or I am out limit so here is to hoping it gets better.

2.5 (maybe 3) out of 5 stars

Might Avengers #1

Al Ewing and Greg Land, can we ask if there is enough reasoning to give us yet another Avengers title especially since Hickman is doing a great job with the Avengers and New Avengers title?  So, let’s get this out of the way. When I heard that Greg Land was doing this book, I already knew that the art was going to be down the drain and boy did he not disappoint.  Luke Cage had maybe the 5 same looks the whole book and I swear, if there weren’t drawn, they were copied.  And wait, why does dude have BROWN eyes?   And not just any ol’ brown eyes but them pretty boy brown eyes. Really?  NO!  STOP IT!. But my biggest disappointment was what he did to Monica Rambeau aka Spectrum.  I like the new costume but GREG WHY DID YOU GET RID OF HER DREDDS????  WTF DUDE??   Why does Monica’s hair look like Halle Berry’s mop  in X-men?  And this is coming from a guy who HAS dredds!!!  You know how long it takes to grow and care for them?   HERS LOOKED GRE…..wait…why am I asking of these questions?  It’s Greg Land and his art is atrocius and it’s already one reason to stay away from this book. The storyline is also so-so with Luke Cage being questioned about whether or not he is in the hero biz for the money or altruism and oh yeah there is a corny villain fight at some place over some crates that also happen to belong to Superior Spider-man and then there is the mystery man that also shows up in the Spider-man ripoff suit…which I don’t think I will be sticking around long enough to find out who it is and neither should you. If you have your fill of Avengers titles, no need to add this one until at least Land is no longer doing the art and they fix Monica.

1 out of 5 stars.

X-Men #5 (Chapter 3 of Battle of the Atom)

It was tough choosing between reviewing this or Star Wars #9 as Brian Wood is doing such a great job with both. I was happy to meet him this past weekend at Baltimore Comic Con and let him know what kind of bang up job he has done with both.  But to the book at hand, things really heat up as this book picks up more or less from All New X-men as everyone fights to decide if the past X-men should go back but Jean and Scott have made their own decisions.  It’s a really big toss up on how this fits in to the main book itself as it more examines what’s going on with Jean and Scott after the crash but if this is a breather in all of the in-fighting, I am good with it.

3 out of 5 stars

(and just to let you all know, I am not too crazy about dealing with the mess over at DC with the Forever Evil stuff so if you don’t see me writing a lot on it, you know what happened.)

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