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More Soccer Apps for the iPhone and iPad

In less than a month, we will begin a new season and I have been trying to get myself prepared and have tried out a few new apps and a few older apps to see what has worked so, if you have an iDevice, here are some recommendations on what apps you may want to try.

(Please be mindful that some of these apps are based on US only devices.)


NBC Sports  Live Extra – I have given this a whirl and so far, so good in streaming MLS games. The big test will be next month keeping up with tons of EPL coverage and hoping that NBC’s servers can take the punishment. But download it now and try it out to get a feel for what it’s like.




ESPN FC – it’s an app that I have discussed before and is still pretty useful in getting live updates from nearly any game or competition being played. My main complaint was about the usage of the Press Pass footage and what ESPN wisely did was  1.) eliminate the shows streaming as it was problematic  2.) video segments are uploaded to the app and are no longer than maybe 5 minutes 3.) created a separate audio only podcast that updates daily.


Real Soccer 2013 – A fully featured game for iDevices and it’s free you cannot beat that.  You get to develop your team, pick your staff and build up your facilities and of course play some footy!  But…do watch out for in-app purchases. Nothing in life is ever totally free.


Slingplayer –  A year ago I did a write up on this app and I think it’s safe to say that after all this time, it’s still one of my main go-to apps when I am out and about and want to catch games on the go.  Over the past year, I have been to Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, and Orlando and hardly missed any of what I wanted to watch.  Thankfully, this app has been constantly updated and has gotten better.  As told before, if you can make the initial investment, you will get your money’s worth. Also, there are some new units out now so research before you buy. – Has gotten better, eliminated one problem and has finally allowed customization of news articles from your favorite teams but now the problem with that is there is no MLS news to customize but given credit where it’s due, has come a long way.




MLS MatchDay – If you absolutely need your MLS fix, this is the app to get. The app is free for you to get news and video highlights and of course if you upgrade to the MLS Live subscription, you gain access to out of market live games as long as they are not blacked out.



News 360–not exactly a soccer app, it’s a great way to find out all the news and goings on all in one nice app.  This is one of many RSS readers that anyone can try (I also recommend Flipboad and Feedly) and the one thing I love about this particular one is that it rarely ever duplicates the same articles. What it does is, it takes one article and once it finds duplicates it gives the original article and tells you how many others it’s in so you won’t find yourself reading the same transfer news more than once.



If you have any other apps you would like to recommend, please do so in the comments section below.

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