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Looking over the shoulder? George just doesn’t know that familiar feeling

“He’s going to be looking over his shoulder the rest of his life,”  – Robert Zimmerman Jr.

The verdict is in and regardless of how ‘free’ a man George Zimmerman thinks he is, now his punishment begins.  The words that his brother spoke for many like myself, are an everyday reality.  And while I am upset but not surprised, by Florida’s verdict on George Zimmerman but the quality of life, I can’t help but feeling that karma is going to come around for George.

Now and forever after he gets to share the same rights and privileges of his victim

1. If he goes to apply for a job, he will be immediately be scrutinized before he ever gets an interview

2. He could be denied services in any consumer environment for just walking in

3. His neighbors just by hearing who is in the neighborhood, may choose to stay away or move away

4. He gets to wake up everyday wondering how people will judge and treat him knowing who he is on the surface without ever getting to know him. He will be judged as a ‘menace to society’ without ever getting to prove that he is otherwise

5. He gets to, like his victim, walk the streets minding his business fearful that each day may be his last because someone may take it upon themselves to profile him because he is just another ‘asshole who always gets way’.

6. Any contact he has with police even when in the right will be highly scrutinized than the average citizen even if its a routine stop.  These same police he wanted to become.

In these and so many other ways,  he gets to have the reality that myself and so many other black men have every day of their lives and are by now used to because after last night, these kinds of verdicts, tell us so.

Karma has a funny way of working sometimes and I am only hoping that it’s full measure is brought to bear on him.

In its own twisted way, George has become Trayvon Martin, he has become one of us.

He “fits the description”.

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