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Aitch’s Next Issue Comic reviews week of 7/10/2013



***wooooww, guys if you knew exactly how much fun I had this weekend with my friends then you know why I am so late with this week’s reviews but here they are better late than never!

Justice League 22

Ok so I saw a lot of other reviewers giving this top praise. Sorry if I am not one of those people.  Only if you really been keeping up with the JL and the JLA would you understand why this issue for me, was all over the place. I mean the issue was going fine until Superman just from out of nowhere punches Shazam for absolutely no reason…yeah I know he is partially under the influence of Pandora’s box but he wasn’t (as we may know of) under the influence at that moment and this screams shades of how AvX started out.  Now we get to see the JLA face off against the JL and even some members of the JLA are wanting to back out which I thought was a good point of the story.  But otherwise even though the story was a bit shaky, Ivan Reis’ art was on point.

2 out of 5 stars


Astro City 2

When regular 911 just won’t do…who you gonna call?  This was a really fun issue which deals with a young lady who works in one of the coolest call centers ever which correctly filters out what’s a normal emergency vs one which requires a superhuman touch. This book gives us the idea that very few people who live in this world are able to get a front row look at what it’s like to help out the capes in their never ending fight against evil and injustice and Kurt Busiek really hits a lot of the right notes in this book. he focuses on the application process, the day to days especially with the operators waiting to be that person who gets ‘the big call’ and perks that come along with saving the day behind the scenes and even how the character copes with telling her family and friends what she does.  If this is not in your pull list, get it there ASAP.

4.5 out of 5 stars

Star Wars 7

If some of you can’t tell by now, this is one of my favorite books presently simply because Brian Woods is bringing to the pages something I have always wanted.  In #7, Brian seems like he has a lot of balls up in the air and is really setting up something big for the future issues.  We start initially with Luke going back to his home to take an introspective look at his life since the death of  his aunt and uncle and how his life needs to have meaning since now he is in a place to affect change. Also, the Rebels come up with a daring plan to deal with the spy they have within their ranks by turning the tables, meanwhile Darth Vader’s subordinate Birrah Seah takes one on the chin from Palpatine as he shows his distaste with women in uniform. Han Solo tangles with Boba Fett while trying to leave Coruscant And then, Leah hasn’t learned her lesson yet as she goes off on her own to find a new base of operations.  Also we get a sneak peek at The Star Wars, a story that is supposed to be based off of George Lucas’ original script. Can’t say that I liked it much to be honest but otherwise, this issue was solid and what’s nuts is this story is still between episodes IV and V of the movies. I am really hoping that Woods can get us beyond Return of the Jedi.


4 out 5 stars


Well that’s it for this week kiddies, I may have a special post coming later regarding Pacific Rim and some other movies. Keep your eyes open!

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