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Summer Movies: Rule of 2 Part II: Badda’s Revenge


This is a list my friend Dave came up with and if you ever happen to be on Facebook you should check out this group:


So, without further ado, here are HIS pick for the summer

1. Name the 2 movies that not only you should take off work and play ‘slick’ to see but you may want to go to the midnight showing. These movies are so good that you will give someone a straight punch to the mouth if you catch them texting in the movie.

Star Trek Into Darkness
and MAN OF STEEL!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Name 2 movies that you can wait until one of those random days you ain’t got shit else to do.

After Earth. It looks good, but it’s Shyamalan. Will Smith is usually dependable, but it’s Shyamalan. Interesting premise, but it’s Shyamalan.
Lone Ranger. I don’t think it’ll be as bad as Wild Wild West… or… will it?

3. Name the 2 movies that people will get caught sleeping on but never hear about until it hits redbox or netflix while in the meantime you saw it in the box office and can side eye those that missed these 2 brilliant films.

An Oversimplification of Her Beauty. Then again people might see Jay-Z’s name on it and flock to it expecting an appearance. They will be wrong.
Only God Forgives. Hardcore ganster ass shit that will be overshadowed by Fast & Furious 6 and The Hangover 3.

4. Name 2 movies that got hyped so much that you were smart enough to avoid not only wasting good money on but wisely saved bail money for punching someone that was texting because that texter was telling his friends that these movies sucked balls

White House Down. 1) Didn’t Olympus fall already? 2) Roland Emmerich
2 Guns. Meh.

5. These 2 movies were so bad that you wouldn’t even want the bootleg for these

The Lords of Salem. Rob Zombie: Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. I’ve had my fill of shame thank you very much.
Epic. There’s only one Ferngully… which is as it should be.

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