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Aitch’s Next Issue Comic reviews week of 4/24/13


And nope I didn’t forget you guys, just needed an extra day to wrap my mind around a few more comics and while in thought, I decided that I would push my reviews back to Friday to allow more time to digest the weekly fare of good and bad so let’s get on with it shall we?

Jupiter’s Legacy #1

GREAT NEWS!!!!   A new Mark Millar book!   Bad news? Another new Mark Millar book.  While the premise of the book is ambitious, reading books like this sometimes reminds me why I don’t like certain kinds of comics. While I do understand that some comics do tend to emulate what is going on in the current world, it depresses me when a media that i like to enjoy to get away from current situations of the world seep into my media…but that’s just my personal preference. The book itself almost starts off like King Kong with Sheldon Sampson and his friends in the 1930’s trying to find a mysterious island in the middle of the ocean to find that  big ‘je ne sais quoi’ and bring it back to the rest of the world. Not only do they come back with superpowers (without ever really explaining how it happened which is a good or bad thing story wise) but they establish a dynasty and family business. Skip ahead to present day 2013 and the last of the great villains have been done away with and superheroes have been incorporated  just like what’s happening now and everyone wants to get a piece. We look at the kids of Sampson and his friends and get to see what it’s like for them being famous just because…almost like the Kardashians right?  Some of their kids bask  in the glow of being famous, some are complete douches but none want to own up to the legacy that their parents (who are quite alive and well at over 100 years by the way), bestowed upon them otherwise for some, as the 1st issue closes, a real wake up call on the dangers of hedonism.  Again, your miles may vary with the story telling, as for me, I really didn’t need another book that gives a political spin about the world’s ills while also reminding me what’s happened to comic book characters but the only thing that kept me reading of course was Frank Quitely’s which is as always on point.  And of course for anyone being a Millar fan, who knows whether or not his books will be on time or not so good luck on that. Meantime, I will take a pass on this.

2 out of 5 stars

Ultimate Comics Ultimate Spider-man #22

DC Comics please take notes!!   THIS is how you do a death in comics and make it poignant. You don’t make a lot of big bones about it, you just let it happen!  This  issue finalizes the battle between Miles and Venom with an all out battle with Miles trying to save his dad. There is also a great moment with Maria and Miles as she confides with Miles about his secret and tells him to save his family and also dialogue between MJ and Gwen about the price one pays for too many people knowing your secret ID. Everything comes to a head and in the course of winning, Miles loses and loses big and not exactly in the way one would expect but this book was a homerun this week.

5 out of 5 stars

Superman #19

Ok admittedly this book was just fun. Starting off with Supes battling with a new group of enemies call the…tada!! Sunturians.   No?  Kinda weak?   But they have red sun power and?   You don’t care…ok moving along then. The fun really doesn’t begin until Scott Lobdell takes the readers to Lois’ housewarming party and Diana Prince shows up.  And it’s written just right.  Diana is not awkward, she makes everyone else feel that way, she’s not arrogant but makes everyone else feel small around her without trying. And best of all is Clark showing up late and Diana brushes it off by telling him that she understands and it’s ok and even after reading that and some of the thoughts of Clark trying to compare what he feels with Diana over his feelings over Lois makes me want to say DUDE IT’S A NO BRAINER!!! …and the Orion shows up! Kenneth Rocafort also makes this book a blast to get into and makes this issue one of my favorites thus far.

5 out of 5 stars

Honorable Mention this week!  Batman the Dark Knight #19…if you thought the Joker had issues, then you haven’t been seeing what the Mad Hatter could do!   3.5 out of 5.

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