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Aitch’s Next Issue Comic reviews week of 5/1/13


Yeah yeah yeah!!!   I know!!  I KNOW!!   I said I wasn’t going to post til Friday when I read everything but this week’s goodies were too good to wait!

Superior Spider-man #9

Me:  I just read the last 3 pages and this happens?   No.

Comic:  Yes it did…you don’t believe me read it again.

Me:  I did. You cannot be serious.

Comic: I am.

Me: You really did not just lift a scene from the 3rd Matrix movie and have it make sense and eliminate…

Comic: SHHHH!!! You will ruin it!

Me: But, I can’t believe you really…

Comic:  YES…I DID!!!  Now shut it before you ruin it for others!!!   What did you think of it???

4 out of 5 stars 

The Movement #1

Ok, so I laid in thick on Jupiter’s Legacy and got a few nasty e-mails and PMs regarding my critique but, hey, I am free to have my opinion right?  I don’t get paid for it and if a book is bad, a book is bad…I call it like I see it. Some of you may be surprised that some of my complaints about reality seeping into my books won’t find its way to this review and that is because it’s not a subtle and not as on a large level as Mark Millar’s heavy handed example in his book.  The Movement starts right off taking a look at corruption in Coral City and a team of young vigilantes who will do anything to defend their home since the cops don’t give a crap. Nothing we haven’t seen before and having grown up in Baltimore, I am familiar with that feeling of a city being over burdened with the task of not only protecting citizens but dealing with their own who fail to do their duty. Now truthfully, the book started off a bit weird to me trying to lead where it’s supposed to go but once you understand who the players are and how they work,  makes it into a good title.  It’s a brand new take in giving power to the powerless and exposing corruption to the corrupted (even if it takes telling one cop about his wife’s affair) and we are talking kids here. The team is composed of:  Tremor, Katharis, Mouse,  Virtue, and Burden, fighting back against a society that forgot them. But the question is what far can they go before it goes overboard?  As other reviews said, it’s almost like ANONYMOUS and OCCUPY rolled up into one.  Make sure you check this gem out this week.

4 out of 5 stars

Ten Grand #1

This may very well be the book that sneaks under your radar this week but if you are a fan of Constantine, the Crow and maybe Spawn (without all the capes and chains), then you are right on it.  J. Michael Straczynski’s new book almost missed me but I grabbed it and I loved it. It’s an old theme that we heard before: What would you do to defy death and damnation to  be reunited with the one you love?

Spoiler: If you don’t enjoy the scene with the possessed stripper stop reading the book.

In the opener, we learn about Joe who is a gun for hire.  He wants out of the mob to be with his wife but as always, getting out means that you sacrifice and well of course Joe loses, but he comes back (read it and find out how) and eventually he puts down the ones that put him down but then he finds out that all isn’t as it seems and he does have a chance to see his wife…for five minutes and each time he serves those who have extended his life, when he dies, he has to die a virtuous death, but in the meantime, what happens when you find out a contract hit has also come back? And why is this comic called ten grand?  Joe explains it early on and that should be enough to be virtuous but it’s more to it than just that but suffice to say, put it on your list of things to read,

4.5 out of 5

(Yeah I know I didn’t talk about the artists this week and that’s because the stories were gripping and that alone sold me on these books but the artwork clicked just as well. and BTW, Age of Ultron 7 was about the business this week too.)

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