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Movie Brew: Ryan Reynolds Reveals ‘Deadpool 3’

After Missing D23, Ryan Reynolds has a special surprise for MCU fans!

It was just a typical Tuesday afternoon until Ryan Reynolds took to Twitter with a little video…..

Yes, that is right! Not only is Deadpool 3 happening with Ryan Reynolds back as The Merc With The Mouth, but Hugh Jackman is coming back to play Wolverine one more time. The last time we saw Deadpool on the big screen was back in 2018 with Deadpool 2, and the last time we saw Hugh Jackman as Wolverine was in 2017 with Logan.

While we have known for a bit that Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios wanted to bring Deadpool into the MCU, but we have always wondered how they would do it. Well, the answer to that first began with the Disney+ series Ms. Marvel. Kamala Khan is the MCU’s first Mutant and thus this opens the door to start to tell main X-Men stories as well as X-Men adjacent stories like the upcoming Blade film.

This is a HUGE win for fans of not only Deadpool but for the MCU as a whole. I’m curious to see if they will still keep this movie rated R and if they will keep the same tone of the first two movies. What do you think of this announcement? Let us know in the comments below!

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