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Comic Brew: Seven Sons Part 2

Who wants to rule the world?

Review by Guest Writer: Kai Jo
Written By: Robert Windom & Kelvin Mao
Art: Jae Lee
Colors: June Chung
Lettering: Crank!
Logo Design: Serban Cristescu
Publisher: Image Comics

Seven Sons Part 2 is the second book in the brilliantly written comic series, Seven Sons. Written by Robert Windom and Kelvin Mao, Seven Sons introduces us to a world that believes they are experiencing the Second Coming of Christ. Set in apocalyptic Las Vegas, which has now been deemed “New Canaan”, Seven Sons envelopes us into the whirlwind of America’s joy and the tension among religions.

Seven Sons Part 2 delves into the lives of the 3 remaining candidates competing to be named the second coming of Christ. Dubbed the jesi, the seven sons were all born to virgin mothers across different continents. After spending most of his life confined to the temple under the observant eye of their Messiah, Jesi Ep kidnaps his brother Delph and introduces him to the intense pleasures of the world outside their door. After only mere hours in the great outdoors, a vicious attack brings their alcohol fueled antics to a grinding halt. 

Windom and Mao’s story explores American culture at its worst. With topics like religious conflicts, using drugs and alcohol as a soothing bite to ease the pressures of society, and our undying fascination with inserting ourselves into the lives of others, Seven Sons brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “state of our nation.”  It’s an intriguing tale set at a pace that has you begging for the next chapter. 

There is one concern among readers that has them hoping for a different type of ending. Allah’s Watchmen, the islamic terrorist group trying to murder the jesi has become a hot topic among Seven Sons’ fan pool. While our dear writers may have a plot twist on the way, setting up foreigners as the villains seems unnecessary and inflammatory. Especially when we have plenty of villain worthy material right in front of us. All in all, Robert Windom and Kelvin Mao have produced yet another astonishing novel in this series and we are on the edge of our seats waiting for its release.

Artist Jae Lee brings us yet another masterpiece from his talented hands. While this second issue doesn’t give him the room to shine like the first, his work is still breathtaking. He depicts acts of war and terrorism as if he’s witnessed them with his own eyes and the emotion caught in the character’s faces is heart wrenching. He holds the audience captive in each and every scene and has us coming back for more every time. And June Chung knows her way around a palette, choosing the perfect color schemes for every sideways glance and wave of hand. She expresses rage, fear, deep aching sadness, all entombed in her brilliant color schemes.

Robert Windom and Kelvin Mao brought us an astonishing piece of writing and Lee and Chung’s collaborative artwork is exceptional. Although fictional, they give us a realistic depiction of the society we live in and allow us to feel understood and seen. Lee and Chung’s art gives an accurate display of how many people in America feel daily. The inclusion of a foreign villain does feel like an unnecessary evil, but every person has seen and known different experiences which allows us to appreciate them all differently.

4 out of 5 Messiahs

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