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Music Brew: Michael Abels

…I got five on it.

Michael Abels (Photo by Eric Schwabelt) Michael Abels (Photo by Eric Schwabelt)

That creeping feeling of disaster.

The moment where you second guess yourself and your instincts.

The feeling of eyes on you when you know you’re alone.

Michael Abels captures all of those feelings and more with his haunting, and frankly terror inducing, soundtracks.

With Get Out Abels captures the feeling every BIPOC has of walking into a situation where we’re the only person who looks like us in the room and then takes it to eleven.

In US the dread of looking into a mirror and seeing someone else, something else, staring back unfolds with each note of Abels score.

Then there’s the layers, so intricately laid out, in his score for Bad Education that pulls you through as the house of cards the characters have built slowly comes tumbling down.

In this month of celebrating Black Excellence, let’s give Michael Abels his flowers! You can check out his discography here!

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    Michael Abels’ scores give me the shivers and for that, I thank him.


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