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2020: The Year in WTF

One last trip through the #WTF of 2020 before we salt the earth and NEVER SPEAK OF IT AGAIN.

On the off chance 2020 ended last night we here at Pop Culture Uncovered wanted to take a moment to remember some of the weirdest & wackiest crap that happened. If you’re not hungover go ahead and grab a drink and take one last walk down memory lane with us before we burn it all down.


If this was Egypt in 2000 BC he might have a chance at winning this case.


In his defense it DID get the nurses’ attention, so his plan was spot on.


If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be moving to…[checks link]…Castelvetro, Italy


“I’m sorry. I thought this was America!”


I can’t blame him. What else is there to do in Utah?


Honestly, World War III was kind of a letdown.


He’s dead. D-E-D, DEAD.


For when an “OCCUPIED” sign is just too damn difficult to operate.


Sometimes things just work out the way they are supposed to.


I really feel like you shouldn’t have to be warned to avoid these things.


I’m betting he was good at his job.


I have never more wanted to start a GoFundMe than I do right now.

Well, that does it for us. We’ll be back with more WTF moments in 2021 because there is no way they’re going to stop happening. So take the weekend off and we’ll see you soon.

If you have any thoughts on these stories or if you see something WTF-worthy drop a comment below or hit me up on Twitter.

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